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Do I need a Hair Transplant or some other options...

Hair loss is a progressive disorder which may at times show peak incidence and some times gradual but mostly it’s difficult to get rid from it. Many treatment options are available and are often used by the patients. Most of the times patients correlate start of hair loss with some place, disease or after child birth in case of females. Hair loss in males and females usually follow a particular pattern. Hair loss in males is seen as to start from receding hair line along with bitemporal thinning and hair loss. Hair loss or baldness May then progress to other...

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Guidelines for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

1.Which is the BEST LASER FOR LASER HAIR REMOVAL?  Lightsheer Diode Laser has proven technology which works well on Indian & Asian Skin and has very good and satisfactory results after 6 sessions. Results are appreciated even from 1st sitting and the results are Infact long lasting.  2. Which Hair bearing area can be targeted with LASER HAIR REMOVAL FOR FULL BODY? Almost any hair bearing area can be targeted provided the hair are not grey or white in colour. The results are better before the Hair intended for laser hair removal don’t turn grey or white.  3. When is...

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Bridal treatment for skin in Delhi - FAQ for laser...

1.Am I a right candidate /patient for laser hair removal as my marriage is in next 4-6 months? Most of the individuals can be treated with laser hair removal /reduction but the response may vary from an individual to individual and from area to area in the same individual. While choosing a patient for laser hair removal and to combat SIDE EFFECTS OF LASER HAIR REMOVAL, right laser with right fluence energy along with precise laser hair removal technique needs to be done. The ideal patient for laser hair removal is with Dark and coarse hair and fair skin combination...

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