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Affordable Plastic Surgery Costs in Rupees in India the Real...

Overview Before we talk about plastic surgery costs in rupees in Indian hospitals, we need to understand about this surgery. Well, when you find plastic in this surgery, you do not actually mean that it has plastic in it that is used in this procedure. However, it does mean that the surgeon use some synthetic method to carry out the surgery fixing the ailment and other issues on the exterior body part of human being. The surgeon use extra skin and tissues so that they end up recovering the shape and size of the body. Well, the surgery can be...

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Gastroenterologists Suggest To Avoid These Foods For Preventing Heartburn!

  Heartburn is among the most common conditions, but a painful and problematic one. It occurs in regions between abdomen and chest. Lifestyle choices and diet can be among the top reasons why one may suffer from such problems. Heartburn can occur due to a production of acid produced by the stomach, which travels its way up to the esophagus. People suffering from regular and chronic heartburn should definitely see their gastroenterologist. Heartburn is also called acid reflux and this problem can be cured by controlling your diet with healthy lifestyle choices and proper meals. Here are some of the...

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Hip Resurfacing In India For Global Patient Liberated You From...

Hip Resurfacing In India For Global Patient Liberated You From Your Hip Injuries And Pain The BestHi, my name is Malon Bavarian, I am from Nigeria. I recently had my Hip Resurfacing surgery in India. As we all know that hip is an important body part, which was carried out with great care and professionalism. Thanks to my doctor, medical partner and the team at the hospital. My hip was hampered for the internal ailments, which wrecked up my life in a big way. My doctor suggested me a surgery which was not possible to get in Nigeria. All I...

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