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Dr. Rajeev Agarwal Surgical Oncologist in Gurugram India

  About surgical oncology Historically, surgery was the only treatment for cancer with pioneering surgeons pushing the boundaries of knowledge down through the millennia. However, cancer care has evolved very unexpectedly over the last few decades and consequently a new type of surgeon is wanted to keep tempo with these modifications. Surgical oncology is a type of oncology that treats cancer by way of surgery. Surgery is used to diagnose stage and treat cancer, and certain cancer-related symptoms.    Breast surgical oncology Surgery is an essential part of treating breast cancer. Breast surgical oncologists specialize in the treatment of breast...

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma Setting World Standards in Pediatric Cardiology

Overview Pediatric cardiac surgery is quite complex and needs sophisticated technologically and advanced miniature equipment for proper treatment and care of the children. Early diagnosis and early treatment are important in congenital heart defects, as children with untreated heart failure suffer for example of growth failure and lung problems that complicate surgery. The concept of minimally invasive surgery for congenital heart disease in pediatric patients is broad, and has the aim of reducing the trauma of the operation at each stage of management. Dr. Rajesh Sharma providing excellence in pediatric heart care in India: He is one of the eminent...

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Dr S Karunakaran- Global Hospital for Best Laser Spine Surgeon...

Overview: The spine is a complex structure, balancing flexibility and strength. Even the smallest change inside the structure of the backbone can cause tremendous disability and pain. Usually, back pain is dealt with simple medicines or exercises. It's only most effective whilst all this fails and quality of lifestyles is severely affected that the medical doctors endorse spine surgical operation to treat severe and prolonged lower back ache situation.    Dr. S. Karunakaran provides innovative technology and minimally invasive spine treatment options He is a foremost expert and pioneer in the innovative field of minimally invasive spine surgery. As new...

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