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Seeking the Help of Competent Radiation Therapy Doctors in Chennai...

Overview : Trubeam Stx Radiosurgery Trubeam Stx Radiosurgery can be called as an advanced radio-surgery system wherein we see  the Radiation Therapy Doctors in Chennai seamlessly delivering the Intensity Modulated RT, RapidarcTM, Image guided RT, SRS & SBRT in accordance with the inbuilt Onboard Imaging device (OBI). This comes into conjunction with the Real-time Position Management System that helps the Radiation Oncology Team to get the custom made treatment delivery. This is designed to carry out an non-invasive, image-guided radiosurgery procedures with great precision and pinpoint accuracy. Both the surgeon and the patient reap a number of benefits that are...

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Dr. Firuza Parikh Best Obstetrics and Gynaecologist in India Leading...

Overview IVF is a process by which one or more eggs (oocytes) are fertilized outside the body. If the male partner has a very low sperm rely then fertilization is done via injecting a single sperm into every egg in a process called Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). If the sperm count is regular, then the usual procedure is to place a droplet of washed sperm (50,000) onto every egg. Successfully fertilized eggs are called embryos. A select number of embryos are placed into the uterus for implantation and establishment of pregnancy. Previous to implantation, embryos may be tested for their...

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Dr Girinath M R Delivers World-Class Cardiothoracic Care in India

  Overview: Cardiothoracic surgery is the analysis and treatment (operative and non operative) of patients with problems of structures within the chest including: the heart and vascular system, the lungs and trachea, the oesophagus, the diaphragm and chest wall. It includes the management of trauma and congenital and acquired disorders of these structures.   Dr Girinath M R offers world-class heart surgery experience in India   Dr Girinath M R best cardiac surgeon in India combines experience, surgical skill, and five-star facilities with a team-based, compassionate approach to deliver patient-centered care. He provides the proper approach designed for you, from diagnosis to...

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