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Ankita Mathur is A medical tourism consultant associated with India's top class medical service provider organisation "Indian Medguru Consultants Pvt. Ltd".we are offering top medical services like- Surgeries, Health check-ups and many more at India.

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Tubal Ligation : Overview This surgery blocks a woman’s fallopian tubes in order to achieve birth control. Tubal ligation surgery is considered as the permanent birth control. This procedure stops the egg to move from the ovary through the tubes; there are two fallopian tubes and two ovaries; both the ovaries produce egg and both the fallopian tubes are used by the egg to reach the uterus for fertilization process. This procedure is done by gynaecologist;...
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Overview : Blood Cancer Call it blood cancer or Leukemia, they are one and the same thing.  It can be called as the form of cancer of the blood cells. It starts with the bone marrow which is known as the soft tissues inside the bones. A majority of the cancer of white blood cells but some time you can find the leukemia starting over the blood cells types. It helps in making the abnormal white...
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