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Robotic Prostate Surgery brings High Standards in Surgical Care in Delhi


created on: 09/05/17

Before we discuss about the Robotic prorate surgery in Delhi, we need to know about how things work with this new method of surgery. Well, the fact is robotic surgery is considered to be a new breakthrough and is known to have remained in developed nations like the US or the UK. It is considered to be the most minimally invasive procedure, which is found in the breakthrough in medical science that is found in the developed countries. India is regarded as the emerging country when it comes to average cost of Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi wherein global patients all across the world come for a high quality healthcare services which is available at much of the affordable cost. This is the very reason why more and more global patients are visiting this place including the countries like Ethiopia. After all they get low cost and high quality Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi.

What is Robotic Prostate Surgery?

Before you check about the Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi, let’s understand how this surgery works. Well, first things first, Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi is a computer assisted surgery, which is technological developments that simply support a wide range of surgical procedures that is meant to it more minimally invasive apart from being very much precise. In this surgery, the surgeon, which is simply reduced with the flaws and defects shown with it that become very much negligible seeking the help of robotic surgery. Rather coming out with the usual instruments, the surgeon relies on the sets of a computer console, which is seen manipulating the number of instruments that remain attached to a wide range of robotic arms. The computer is then seen translating the movement of surgeon, which is then carried out with the robot replicating the surgeons. Some of the other features of robotic system is seen including an integrated tremor filter and the features for scaling the movements.

Robotic Prostate Surgery Procedure

created on: 09/05/17

If you talk about the procedure of Robotic Prostate Surgery at Fortis hospital in Delhi, which is usually known as the robotic prostatectomy procedure, which simply starts with a general anesthesia along with making the patient to lay down over the positioned on his back. The surgeon is seen making a six small incisions over the abdomen of the patient. Then the hollow cylinders (also known as ports) are seen getting placed over the incisions along with the operating telescope along with surgical instrument and camera along with ports and the abdomen area. The robot is then positioned over the operation table along with the robotic arms and seeking the camera, which are connected over the ports. The surgeon is then seen putting the console on work along with robotic arms along with the camera. The surgeon then gets the view of the surgical area via the 3-D goggles, which provide fine details of the body structures. Once the organ called prostate is detached from the surrounding structure along with the urine tube, the robotic arms are seen getting removed from the patient. Then the incisions are made over navel which is then enlarged so that the complete prostate can be easily removed. This is really vital when it comes to checking the stage of the cancer.

Why Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi

There is no dearth to the reasons why you need to consider Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi. One of the very basic reason to consider the Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi is that you get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. The hospitals offering Robotic Prostate Surgery in Delhi are par in terms of facilities and features, which give quality healthcare. The doctors and surgeons dealing with the surgery are highly skilled and have the expertise of dealing with such complex cases with great dexterity and professionalism. 

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