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What is the Survival rate for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in Mumbai


Lymphoma cancer is cancer of the lymphatic cells in the lymphatic system. Around 54% of the blood cancers occurring every year are the types of lymphoma cancer. The lymphomas are divided into two types Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma wherein the non-Hodgkin's lymphoma are divided into high-grade or fast growing and low-grade or slow growing. It is important to know the type of lymphoma because the treatments and outlook varies for different types of lymphoma. In this article, we will discuss about the survival rate for lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai.

created on: 01/11/18

Lymphoma Cancer Survival rate in Mumbai among the Lowest in the World

The lymphoma cancer survival rate in Mumbai is amongst the lowest in the world with the one year survival rate for the patient diagnosed with it being around 92 percent.  The survival rate for lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai for five year is around 86 percent. The survival rate is lower for stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma but even in this stage you can beat the disease.

Dealing with the Cost of Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in Mumbai

Dealing with the cost of lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai is quite affordable as compared to the cost of the treatment abroad. There is a combination of factors that has lead to the recent increase in the popularity of medical tourism in Mumbai and these include the ease of international travel, low cost with better survival rate for lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai with internationally accredited standards of care.

Minimum Cost Hospital for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in Mumbai

The minimum cost hospital for lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai has world class medical facilities and state of the art infrastructure. The hospitals for lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai are well equipped with the modern surgical radiation cancer specialists to provide better surgical care for the patients to ensure a high level of patient care and comfort. Most hospitals in Mumbai has a multidisciplinary team including the radiation and medical oncologists, haematologists, radiologists, pathologists, nurses, nuclear medicine physicians and other healthcare professionals. The minimum cost hospital for lymphoma cancer treatment in Mumbai offers the most advanced diagnostic technologies available today and has handled many cases of lymphoma.

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Indian Medguru Consultants Association with Top Oncologists in Mumbai

Indian Medguru Consultants association with the top oncologists in Mumbai ensure to provide proper diagnosis and treatment for lymphoma cancer. They are highly qualified and have immense experience in offering complete diagnosis treatment and care for lymphoma patients. The oncologists in Mumbai will explain the meaning of the disease stage to the patient and discuss about various treatment options for lymphoma cancer and recommends the best one to the patients. They are dedicated to deliver optimal care and help to improve the quality of life. The top oncologists in Mumbai have immense experience to handle lymphoma cases and they are also renowned for their level of personal care and interaction with their patients. You can read the doctor’s review by going through their full profile given on our website.

Considering the rapidly spreading phenomenon of medical tourism around the world, India has been emerging as the most preferred choice of medical destination among the global tourists. When you are being treated for cancer you want a physician who is familiar for your specific disease yet with many forms of lymphoma it can be difficult to find the best oncologist who has treated patients with the disease.

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