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Where to Get Ghana Patients Successful Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India?



Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India is easy to opt with the help of Indian Med Guru Consultants. Vasectomy reversal surgery is commonly performed as an outpatient surgery and it can be performed under general, local or regional anesthesia. To perform this surgery it takes 3-4 hours using minimally invasive surgical procedure; recovery may take more than 15 days in a minimally invasive type of procedure. Whereas a traditional procedure can desire a month time to recover. This surgery reconnects the male reproductive tract after performing a vasectomy surgery. There are two procedures that can be performed at the time of vasectomy reversal one is vasovasostomy which connects vas deferens to vas deferens; and the other is vasoepididymostomy which connects epididymis to vas deferens.

created on: 04/03/18

This is a Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India procedure which is done to help the man father a baby after a vasectomy surgery. This is possible for only those patients who have under gone a vasectomy surgery in the past. And if the reversal procedure is done within 5 years after the vasectomy surgery the reversal may show 100 percent results. If the surgery is performed after 5 years of the vasectomy surgery then there are 80 percent chances of the man to father a baby. This procedure should be opt by the man who do not wish to have any baby in future; because reversal is not 100 percent guaranteed in 40 out of 100 man. 

Available Treatment for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India

Every kind of treatment is available in India; both minimally invasive as well as traditional surgery; both are available at affordable cost. A minimally invasive procedure would make you be in the hospital for few hours till the procedure gets over. And for a traditional procedure you will have to wait in the hospital till the sutures are removed. Both the surgical procedures are performed in the best way and at affordable cost.

Cheap Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India

The cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India is $2000 to $5000 very affordable as compared to other countries like UK and USA $5000 to $10,000. If you feel like treatment in India would be very difficult then you can reach the hospitals and surgeons that you like with the best help of Indian Med Guru Consultants. These consultants have tie-up with more than 100 top hospitals and clinics in India that provide best treatment package. The package would include the travel, visa, food and accommodation all in one package all with the help of Indian Med Guru Consultants.

Best Hospital for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India

Every hospital in India are the best to get the treatment from; these hospital have the best medical panel, best caring staff and healthy surrounding that will help you to recover fast after your surgery. Vasectomy reversal surgery is not a major procedure it is performed minimally invasively and also traditionally. The procedure is decided depending upon the targeted area. The top hospitals in India have tie-up with Indian Med Guru Consultants and with the help of these consultants patients can get the best treatment at affordable cost. Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India is very affordable and one can avail it easily with the help of Indian Med Guru Consultants.

Why Choose Indian Med Guru Consultants for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India?

Indian Med Guru Consultants have more than 25 years of experience in helping international patients to get the best treatment without facing any long wait. They make treatment in India affordable and help the international patients to plan their medical tour to India easily. They help the patient to get quick medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. The consultants have tie-up with only best surgeons and doctors who are well trained from some of the known institutes. Best hospitals that are updated with all the latest techniques have a direct contact with Indian Med Guru Consultants and so they recommend the best hospital at a very affordable cost. It is easy to approach Indian Med Guru Consultants.

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