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Best Lymphoma Treatment Hospital in India proving very patient-friendly for the Medical Tourists


Lymphoma is the Cancer affecting the Lymphatic system, which is the body’s disease-fighting system. This system is responsible for producing T-Cells and B-Cells Lymphocytes, which make up the body’s immune system. Lymphoma is the result of uncontrollably growing cells that do not die when ideally they should.

While the exact cause of Lymphoma has not been found but there are some risk factors, which make the patients more vulnerable to getting Lymphoma. Factors like Genetics, Carcinogens that are responsible for damaging the DNA, other medical factors also.

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There are two types of Lymphoma:

Hodgkin Lymphoma, also known as Hodgkin Disease: This can occur anywhere in the body where there are Lymphocytes in the body. What differentiates this type of Lymphoma from other types is the presence of a cell known as the Reed-Sternberg cell. This is a large, abnormal cell, which does not guard the body from infections. When this particular cell multiplies oddly, this often creates a tumor within a lymph node and affects and attracts the inflammatory cells surrounding it.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: It is term encompassing a huge number of Lymphatic Cancers, which comprise of almost the 90 percent of the diagnosed Lymphomas. This type of Lymphoma originates when a B-cell divides abnormally, making copies of itself. It further divides and keeps multiplying developing into a tumour. 

The symptoms that indicate the development of this disease are:

Unexplained weight loss

Swollen but painless lymph nodes in areas like groin, neck or armpits

Severe sweating during night time


Chest pain

Difficulty in breathing


Feeling of fullness in the stomach 

In order to diagnose the presence of Lymphoma, the below mentioned evaluation tests are done: 

Physical examination: In this, the doctors examine any swelling in the lymph nodes in the patient’s neck, underarms and groin, swelling in the spleen or liver are also examined. To check the swelling in the lymph nodes, chest X-ray is done 

Biopsy: This is done to confirm the presence of Lymphoma. There are two types in this:

    Excisional Biopsy: Complete lymph node is removed to diagnose Lymphoma

    Incisional Biopsy: A portion of the lymph node is removed for the diagnosis 

Gallium scan


CT scan or CAT scan

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan

Laboratory tests like blood and urine tests

PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan

The treatment recommended obviously depends on the age, health condition of the patients, stage and type of Lymphoma that the patient is suffering from.

The treatment choices available are:

Chemotherapy: This approach is often combined with Radiotherapy and either Intravenous Chemotherapy and Oral Chemotherapy are administered via an aggressive treatment system

Radiotherapy: This is used to cure Stage 1 and Stage 2 Lymphomas, when the cells are confined to only one part of the body. It is a painful treatment technique and mostly planned over a span of 2-6 weeks

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy – Monoclonal antibodies attach themselves to the Cancer cells and eliminate them. There are different types and are used in combination with Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Steroids: These are administered intravenously, mostly at the same time during Chemotherapy. Steroids have been found to make Chemotherapy more valuable 

Transplants: High doses of Chemotherapy can devastate the Lymphoma cells and sometimes the Bone Marrow too. In order to repair the Bone Marrow, some Stem Cells are taken before Chemotherapy is initiated. These Stem Cells are then transplanted into the patient’s body to help the Bone Marrow make new and healthy blood cells

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Best Lymphoma Treatment Hospital in India:

Indian hospitals offer these modern forms of treatment and Lymphoma treatment success rate is also very commendable in India. This boosts the confidence of the medical tourists in a major way and helps them opt for the best Lymphoma treatment hospitals in India very easily. Lymphoma being such a difficult disorder, the affected patients are obviously very meticulous about choosing the right treatment destination and the success rates can definitely help in this matter. Also, the Indian hospitals are home to the top Lymphoma doctors reputed all over the world. 

Treatment and surgeries associated with Cancer not only drain the patients physically but also financially. Thus, the above mentioned treatment methods are obviously assumed to be highly expensive being associated with Cancer and they surely are in many leading countries like UK, USA, UAE and other. However, India is a major source of cost relief as the best Lymphoma treatment hospitals in India are offering very affordable Lymphoma treatment packages to patients from all over the world. The cost benefits offered by India are very unique because this allows the patients to save a lot of money as compared to what is possible in other countries. 

Patient story

One of the patients, who benefitted by availing Lymphoma treatment in India is Suzanne Johnson from Nigeria. She was suffering from Hodgkin Lymphoma and the symptoms had burdened her majorly. She and her family was facing a very difficult time in finding the right cure in their own country. That’s when they got in touch with us at Indian Med Guru Consultants. Right from arranging the earliest possible appointment with the doctor to arranging the medical visa to meeting the other crucial treatment related requirements, we arranged everything. 

Suzanne was suggested to go through a Stem Cell Transplant and the treatment was planned at one of the best hospitals in Mumbai, where the Lymphoma treatment success rate is very appreciable and the Lymphoma experts of this hospital made it a huge success. The patient and her family found the overall process a very satisfying experience and the recovery too was amazingly fast. The best kinds of amenities were offered to Suzanne and her family and they are very thankful to Indian Med Guru Consultants for planning the medical tour in such a well-planned and exceptional way. 

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