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IVF in India bringing Happiness within the Budget for Many


Owing to our reckless lifestyle, today there are many health conditions that are creating havoc in our lives. One of these problems that is highly prevalent today is Infertility. People facing this issue are mushrooming fast and thus the need for most innovative treatment methodologies.

created on: 09/12/18

Some of the causes behind Infertility that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can address, are:

  • Low sperm counts
  • Ovulation problems
  • Also helpful for couples for whom the conventional treatment techniques like times intercourse, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Follicular Monitoring, etc. have failed to deliver any results
  • Endometriosis
  • Problems or diseases related to the Uterus or the Fallopian Tubes; for example, if both the Fallopian Tubes are blocked
  • Antibody issues, which are harming the sperm or the eggs
  • Failure of sperm to enter or survive inside the Cervical Mucus
  • An inexplicable fertility-related problem

IVF means ‘fertilization in glass’; to me more specific ‘test tube baby’. In this process, eggs are taken from the female patient’s ovaries and sperms are taken from the male partner. After this, the sperm and the eggs are collected in a laboratory and the resulting fertilized egg or embryo is then placed appropriately in the female’s womb and thus aid her to conceive. The age of the aspirants is a very crucial factor, when thinking of availing this treatment. The younger the patients, the higher is the success rate.

IVF has emerged as a highly promising and effective cure for couples facing this issue. When it comes to the hospitals or ivf centre in India offering Infertility treatment. India has become a leading venue for it. Here, the patients are treated using the most recent diagnostic, treatment and surgical procedures. Latest techniques and approaches are implemented regularly along with usage of latest medication to avoid any treatment-related complications and the focus is on bringing positive outcomes.

Some of the top IVF centres in India are:

  • Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai
  • Iswarya Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre, Chennai
  • Bloom Fertility Centre in Mumbai
  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi
  • Nova IVI India, Ahmedabad

One of the best venues for Infertility Treatment in India is the Indira IVF Hospital, which has branches in many major cities of India. It is one of the best IVF Centres in India, which has a very appreciable success rate and has become an extremely favoured by patients from India as well as abroad. This particular centre has more than 8,000 success stories to its credit. The IVF specialists here have been highly instrumental behind the success of this centre and their lofty success rates are certainly drawing the attention of worldwide patients.  

Another factor that the halt the patients from availing this treatment is the expenses involved. Firstly, such progressive treatment methods are not possible in the under-developed countries and secondly, most of the countries, where such treatment is available, have priced Infertility Treatment very high.  For example, this treatment is very expensive in countries like UK, USA, Singapore whereas India can be major ray of hope in this matter. This is because there is a huge cost difference between the costs in these countries and India. The patients are able to save a lot of money and still get these modern treatments. Thus, it is not surprising that more and more patients are opting to get this treatment done in India.

Availing Infertility Treatment in India with Indian Med Guru Consultants:

Infertility is a very rampantly affecting people all over the world. But not many countries have the facilities associated with this kind of advanced treatment. So, when a country like India offer this treatment at very cost-effective prices, then it is obvious that numerous patients will flock to avail the same. This is what is happening in India and in order to smoothen the whole treatment process, Indian Med Guru Consultants has very well-thought-out packages; especially for the international patients.

We can ensure that the patients get the treatment at the best IVF Centres in India, and the procedures are performed the top IVF experts. Without going through long waitlists, we schedule the quickest possible appointments. Further, the medical visa, stay and travelling arrangement, health-friendly meals, etc – everything is taken care by us.

We understand that this treatment is a huge ray of hope for countless couples, who undergo an immense amount of pressure because the infertility. Therefore, we ascertain that such patients have a very comfortable treatment experience while in India. 


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