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Rana Hospital: Specialize in Blade and Bladeless Surgeries

Eyes and Vision are the important aspects of one’s health. Without vision, one is nothing. One cannot do any task without it. Eye surgery is important for the person who is suffering from any severe eye problem. Those who are considering the Lasik corrective eye surgery, they have two options in medical terms like blade or blade less Lasik surgery. There are also other terms in the medical field to specify these surgeries but in the layman language it is either blade Lasik or bladeless Lasik. It is the most important to understand the difference between both the surgeries.


In the ancient times, Lasik surgery was performed with the blade known as microkeratome. It is used to create hinged flap in the cornea. Cornea is that part of the eye which is clear. After that, flap is folded back to show the inner layer of the cornea. This process is known as stroma.


There is also a small Lasik that is commonly known as excimer laser. This laser is used to burn the cornea tissues. This is very helpful in reshaping the eye and helps to correct the refractive error. After this, the eye surgeon replaces the flap back over the cornea. It is the more scared and less comfortable form of the laser surgery.


On the flip of  side, another type of Lasik, which is commonly known as bladeless or wave front Lasik.

It uses the femto second laser technique. This technique is used to create the flap of the eye.
In this technique, there is no use of physical and surgical blade.
This involves fewer surgeries due to apprehension.

Both the surgeries are responsible for creating the flap. If we concern about the accuracy of making the flap, then the Bladeless Lasik has more accurate results with better reliability. A purely laser technique has following complications

Flap dislocation: Some times, there may be chances of flap dislocation. But expert and efficient eye surgeon make the flap accurate.
Partial flaps: Inefficient doctors make the flap partial. Effective and efficient doctors are responsible for making the flap correctly.
Flap infections: Sometimes, there may be chances of infections in the flap. Proper medication and treatment helps you to avoid this kind of the trouble.

Negative consequences involve with the Lasik surgery are:

Light sensitivity
It is more expensive than the traditional Lasik.

All the Lasik surgeries are risk free corrective eye surgery procedure. However, best eye surgeon will make the flap very correctly. The best eye hospital in India is the Rana Eye hospital. This is renowned as best eye hospital in Punjab because of its specialized and highly experienced doctors. This hospital doctors has an excellent track record and plenty of surgical experience.

Planning to prefer the accuracy and precision of machine, Lasik bladeless is the ideal option.

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