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About Global Hospital Hyderabad:

Global Hospital Hyderabad, India is the trusted healthcare service provider that helps you to reach all your medical needs at affordable cost. Global hospital first started at Hyderabad, India in the year 1999. Global hospital first brought its multi-organ transplant centre and advanced care facility for gastroenterology. This hospital takes care of the patient’s emotional and physical well being as well. It started with its tertiary care centres at Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai in the year 2008.

Global created on: 07/07/17Hospital first started at Hyderabad city with 50-bed facility. The chairman and founder of Global Hospital Dr. K. Ravindranath started with a positive vision in order to build a team of well trained professional surgeons and doctors to collaborate and provide the best medical care to all the patients who need an organ transplant.

Why Choose Global Hospital Hydrabad:

Global hospital Hyderabad has the best medical panel, caring staff, and pleasing atmosphere where patients will not feel home sick. The surgeons have invested their years of hard work to bring up the standard of medical service at Global hospital Hyderabad. It started with 50-beds in the beginning and has grown up to 1000-beds facility to reach more patients’ medical needs. Global hospital Hyderabad, India is the best multi-specialty, multi-organ transplantation service provider in India. Global hospital is updated with all the latest techniques and equipments that can be of great help during major surgery. Global hospital is the largest of its kind and contains 14-operation theatres and advanced imaging facilities.

Best doctors, hospitals and Best offer:

One can get the best medical panel in hospitals at India. India cardiac surgery site has direct contacts with top hospitals and doctors. India cardiac surgery site has helped many international patients to get the best medical service at affordable cost in India; specially transplant surgery at affordable cost from Global Hospital at Hyderabad, India. The hospital is well designed and well equipped with all the medical requirement at the time of any medical emergency. The surgeons are well trained professionals from some of the best institutes in India and abroad.

Global Hospital Hydrabad, India Mission Behind the group:

Global hospital Hyderabad works with a mission to deliver successful medical service to every patient. With this mission the surgeons and doctors who work in Global hospital Hyderabad serves every patient innovatively and dedicatedly. They have a special care service for cardiac surgery and serve the best Affordable cardiac surgery in India.

Distinction of Global Hospital Hydrabad, India:

The urge to approach every individual’s medical needs and satisfy every patients query; one will get to see in Global Hospital Hyderabad which is unlike from other hospitals. The best medical support for multiple organ transplants at affordable cost one will get to have in Global Hospital Hyderabad. The best medical panel, caring staff, 24X7 ambulance facilities available, medical facility department that is approachable any time for your personal needs etc. All these additional service makes Global Hospital different from other hospitals.


India cardiac surgery site works like a bridge between the international patients and Indian hospitals. They have a direct coordination with Global Hospital Hyderabad, India. That’s how they help you to get best affordable price for your medical treatment at Global hospital; to approach Global hospital one can visit our website India cardiac surgery site. We even help our patient to get medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. For more details visit our website,91-9370586696 or fill our free consultation form online our representative will get back to you with complete details.

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