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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in India to Regulate Heart Functioning

Cardiac resynchronization therapy in India is being provided with the best medical amenities in cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur and Bangalore at the best affordable cost. If your heart does not function properly and you meet all the criteria of (CRT) then you are eligible for getting cardiac resynchronization therapy device. A CRT device sends small and undetectable electric signals to both the lower chambers of the heart. It helps these chambers to beat properly in a more uniform pattern. This brings improvement in the capacity of the heart to pump blood and oxygen to the body. The heart device of CRT is in fact a very tiny computer, with a battery. Both of these components are packed in a tight case made of titanium metal. The size of this case resembles the size of a pocket watch. Its weight is nearly 3 ounce.

Besides implantation of CRT heart device, leads that are insulated wires are set to send signals of information from the site of your heart to the CRT heart device, and to send electric signals to your heart. The third essential part of your implantable CRT device system is the programming set, an external computer kept in the office or clinic of your doctor is used to do programming in the heart device and take out essential information from your CRT heart device that will guide your surgeon in your cardiac resynchronization treatment.

Two kinds of implantable heart therapy instruments are there. These are a CRT pacemaker and combination of CRT pacemaker and defibrillation surgery. Both these electronic heart devices assist in managing the pumping action in the heart. These devices can also enhance the heart beat of a heart that has been beating very slowly.

The CRT pacemaker associated with defibrillation treatment helps to detect, treat and cure dangerous heart rhythms. These rhythms are seen generally in patients who have damaged heart muscles. If you are among such patients then your surgeon will choose the appropriate CRT device according to your medical condition. A Viva XT-CRT device sends electric signals to the lower chambers of the heart to make them beat in a uniform rated fashion. This can help in improving the efficiency of pumping of the heart in many cases of heart failure.

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