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Cardiac Pace Maker Surgery in India Facts Exposed!

What is the Cardiac Pace Maker Surgery in India?

The cardiac pacemaker surgery in India is performed by highly professional doctors. The cost of this surgery is quite low as compared to the first world countries. India has achieved specialization in the field of cardiac care with the world class institutions. The expert medical faculty, medical services and care in India have made it a favorite destination amongst the overseas patients. India also offers the innovative techniques like the robotic surgery for the cardiac treatments in India.

The cardiac pacemaker surgery in India provides world class medical facilities accompanied with the most competitive treatment charges. With the growing need for medical care, numerous cardiac centers offer the cardiac pacemaker surgery in India.

Cardiac pacemakers are used for treating the heart that beats too slowly. Sometimes, the natural pacemaker of the heart becomes diseased and it does not keep the heart beat regularly. An individual with such a condition will have symptoms like dizziness, weakness and fainting. Your doctor will insert a small device in the chest or abdomen to help control the abnormal heart rhythms.

This device uses the electrical pulses for promoting the heart to beat at a normal rate. The cardiac pacemakers are usually used for treating arrhythmias, which is a condition where the heart can beat either too fast or too slow.

Types of Cardiac Pace Maker Surgery:

  1. Single Chamber pacemakers: These are pacing systems that use one lead in either the right atrium or the right ventricle of your heart. Usually, this pacemaker is used in conditions where the normal pacemaker of the heart isn’t working properly so as to correct the slow or irregular heartbeat. The pacemaker will help to keep the heart beat at a steady rate.

  2. Dual chamber pacemakers: These pacemaker systems use a lead in the right atrium as well as the right ventricle. The pacing type will closely mimic the normal conduction pattern of the heart by pacing sequentially from the atria to the ventricle, thereby maximize the pumping ability of your heart. Due to the presence of lead in both the atria and ventricle, the pulse generator will be able to regulate the electrical activity of the heart in both the chambers.

  3. Rate responsive pacemakers: These can be incorporated either into a single chamber or in the dual chamber pacing systems. The normal heartbeat fluctuates depending on our activity. During stress or activity time, the heart rate normally speeds up to meet the increasing demands of the body. Individuals who have an abnormality of the conduction system are unable to properly speed up the heart rate during this activity. This will lead to shortness of breath, fatigue during the activity. The rate responsive pacemakers have special sensors which are built into the pulse generator for sensing the activity by means of the increasing body movements. These sensors will automatically increase or decrease your heart beat as per your body’s requirement. Your pacemaker doctor will fine tune the sensors to meet your needs as per your daily activity.

Treatment & care:


The treatment for heart disease ranges from the low-tech to the high tech. The pacemakers send electrical impulses to your heart muscles in maintaining a suitable heart rhythm and heart rate. This may also be used for treating congestive heart failure, fainting spells called syncope or the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Following the cardiac pacemaker surgery, patients are often suggested to have a plant-based diet as it is good for the heart. The caregivers of the patients who underwent this surgery should be mindful of the cultural, psychological and spiritual aspects of heart health. The patient can resume his daily activities as per your doctors instructions.

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The India Cardiac Surgery Consultants are the pioneer in providing the best cardiac treatment in India. Over the last few years, medical tourism in India has flourished due to the best medical services and treatments at reasonably low charges then the western countries. The Indian hospitals are excellent equipments and the latest technology in medical care and treatment. Availability of the quality treatment, surgery and post surgery care at affordable rates attracts the foreign patients to India.

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