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Benefit of Low Cost Artificial Heart Transplant in India

created on: 03/16/16Low Cost Artificial Heart Transplant in India Overview

Cardiovascular diseases that often brings in issues like heart failure is often a cause of death killing more and more people all across the world. The need of heart donation seems to have gone up; however, the demand is more than the supply. You need a living heart from any deceased donor, which make things complicated and thus is the lower amount of hearts available for the heart transplant surgery. This brings in the need of artificial heart transplant wherein artificial hearts are implanted in patients body. India of late, has developed these techniques pertaining to artificial heart transplant. And India being ranking high in terms of giving high quality healthcare solutions at much affordable cost, more and more global patients is coming closer for the high quality and low cost Artificial Heart Transplant in India.

Understanding Artificial Heart Transplant

An artificial heart is a device, which replaces the damaged heart. The artificial hearts are typically used to bridge the time to heart transplantation or to permanently replace the heart in case of heart transplant is impossible. Though there are other similar inventions that preceded it going back to the late forties, the first artificial heart is to be successfully implanted in a human life was the Jarvik -7 in 1982, which was designed by a team including RoberJarvik and Johan Kolkff. An artificial heart created on: 03/16/16is dissimilar from the ventricular assist device, which is designed in order to support a failing heart. It is also a dissimilar from a cardiopulmonary bypass machine that is an external device employed to render the functions of both the lungs and heart and these are used for a few hours at time, mostly during the cardiac surgery.

Why Choose Low Cost Artificial Heart Transplant in India

India has reached at the top when it comes to giving various healthcare solutions, which certainly include the low cost artificial heart transplant in India. The Indian heart care hospitals are highly advanced and cater one of the best services that are known to produce best results. As these surgeries and heart procedures are catered with high quality backed by low cost, more and more global patients are flying to India for these procedures. Similar is the story with the Low Cost Artificial Heart Transplant in India, which is promised with high quality and professional care.

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