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Liposuction by Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India - Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

created on: 08/26/16


India is no short of good doctors and hospitals, which certainly include the ones from the cosmetic procedures. Thanks to the huge amount of investment, being carried out in the name of healthcare sector that has given a number of hospital chains in the industry catering in different specializations including the cosmetic procedures. One such name in cosmetic procedures that tops the list is of Dr, Ajaya Kashyap who is not just the top cosmetic surgeon in Delhi but in this country itself. The Indian hospitals are known to cater the cosmetic procedures like liposuction at affordable cost in India that draws global patients all across the world. It’s not just the neighbouring nations that send patients for cosmetic procedures but also the ones from developed nations like the US or the UK that come along with a number of procedures for obvious reasons. Let’s check how things work for the global patients.    

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap – The leading name in Cosmetic Surgeries

created on: 08/26/16

If you talk about the top Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi then one can certainly include the name of Dr. Ajaya Kashyap. By qualification he is MD and FACS who has more than two and half decades of experience in the cosmetic and plastic surgery and thus ranked at the top in cosmetic procedures like Liposuction at affordable cost in India. He has been the double American Board Certified Surgeon and happens to be the only cosmetic expert in India with such a massive amount of experience and privileges. He is experienced in carrying out a number of complex and simple procedures like re-constructive procedures as well, while is the best cosmetic surgeon in India to be recognised even for the post bariatric surgery and anti aging medicine.

Expertise in different sectors

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is a known cosmetic surgeon in Delhi who is not just known for give the liposuction at affordable cost in India but also in a slew of other procedures. Your face come the first a number of people are seen improving upon the look and feel of their eyes, chin, cheeks, nose and other parts of their faces. With plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures more and more global patients are looking out for high quality solutions from the best cosmetic surgeon in India like Dr. Kashyap. One of the other procedures in which Dr. Kashyap has been experienced and skilled is the liposculpture that helps in shaping up your body fat, and removing the fat from the chin and other fat deposited areas like lips or cheeks.

The scar revision is also one of the surgical options that helps in reducing the major body scars and facial things. He also undertakes the minimally invasive procedures and advanced cosmetic surgeries like laser and tummy tuck surgeries like browlift and forehead to give a youthful appearance. That’s not all, the surgeon also is responsible in dealing with procedures like Otoplasty that deals with hair transplant and other similar procedures that helps in redistributing the hair from the dense areas over the head going to the thinner areas.

Why choose Dr. Ajaya Kashyap?

created on: 08/26/16

In one word, he is the best cosmetic surgeon in India. With this surgeon you get the high quality cosmetic surgeries like liposuction at affordable cost in India but also with great professionalism and care. His expertise can be felt and experienced in a wide range of specialization in cosmetic procedures and similar is the story with quality and integrity of the doctor. He is so humble and down to earth that he simply enjoys doing things with par and greatness. Thus the global patients get attracted towards the same giving you nothing but the best.


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