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500 kg Eman Ahmed After Successful Bariatric Surgery in India return to UAE with 176 kg


500 kg Eman Ahmed After Successful Bariatric Surgery in India return to UAE with 176 kg

As per the latest buzz, the Egyptian national Eman Ahmed, who was until considered to be among the world's heaviest woman was seen getting flown Abu Dhabi in UAE for further treatment on Thursday evening. She was here since past two months for her weight loss treatment which was carried out by best bariatric surgeon in India called Dr. Mustafa Lakdawala. She is 37 years of age and had gone a couple of things including the bariatric surgery in India. She left to UAE today sharp at 12.40 from Saifee Hospital after losing almost 200 kgs from her body. While she was returning a special Egyptair Cargo Airbus 300 was booked for her that fitted her with all the medical equipment for shifting Eman to UAE while the cargo plane took off right at 7.41pm from CS Maharaj International Airport informed the officials.

The Inside Story

After she was treated by the best bariatric surgeon in India with series of treatment plan and with the bariatric surgery in India, she had to leave for further treatment for her huge weight. For her a green corridor was seen created for transporting the lady from the hospital to the Gate No. 5 at the said airport. As per the doctor Lakdwala who happens to be the best bariatric surgeon in India, Eman was seen coming down to 170 kg and she weight a whopping 498 when she landed in India this February. The discharge of the lady from the Saifee hospital however got delayed as there was some difference of opinion between the hospital authorities and doctors.  But sooner or later she got the discharge and she headed to UAE.

As she discharged a number of dignitaries from the state like the Maharashtra Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant was seen coming to Saifee hospital and intervened in the matter similarly the BJP leader Shaina NC was also present. The minister claimed that there has to be some proper protocol to be created for handling such cases otherwise one may end up getting into problems unlike the way this case has given. Hence he called the case of Eman to be full of lessons. Hence later Eman’s sister was seen singing off the discharge papers in the presence of the BJP leader Shaina NC and the Minister. With her signature the false rumors that spread about the discontent of the lady seems to be no more and has been cleared before the media and ensured one thing that the lady is heading for her weight loss treatment in UAE with a good health.

It all started when the lady approached Dr. M Lakdawala who happens to be the best bariatric surgeon in India for her weight loss surgeon but she was denied the visa by the High Commission as she couldn’t travel unlike any conventional flights, however, when doctor tweeted the Indian Foreign Minister Mrs. Swaraj she went out of the way to make things in the right allotting her the medical visa and arranged the cargo flight to take her to Mumbai Hospital in Saifee Hospital. There she got a number of treatment options including the bariatric surgery in India which made things in a right direction further losing 200 kgs from the lady. She was kept in liquid diet and then applied a series of treatment to make things better.

Wrapping up

With this Bariatric Surgery in India being carried out for the lady Eman from Egypt the Indian doctor who happens to be the Best Bariatric surgeon in India has set up trend that the Indian healthcare system is open for all regardless of the complexity of the cases. The case of Eman bears testimony to this. Eman, a resident from Alexandria in Egypt was able to step out of her house for around two decades and is heading towards losing weight.

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