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I'm S.S Jawahar one of the prominent sexologist in India. I'm complete myB.A.M.S. (Pb.), M.D. (A. Medicine). I have more than 35 years of the experience. I'm run ,y own clinic Sanjiwani health Centre, one of the best place in India from where people can get the herbal medicines for sex related problems at low prices.

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At least 25% of males today complain about this male sexual dysfunction and it is quite an embarrassing issue. Also, males find it hard to discuss the dysfunction with either their partners or a sexologist. They tend to choose a single friend with whom discussions are made, but not with an entire group. What is Premature Ejaculation? There are various descriptions that are provided about Premature Ejaculation, but the genuine answer remains to be the inability...
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Erectile dysfunction is another major problem that is affecting people today. People, in this case, mean not only men are suffering and affected by it, but also women are victims. Married women are automatically concerned and in the end, are stressed over the impotency of their husbands. Erectile dysfunction is more common today than in the past and the rate is increasing among all age groups in men. Almost 4% of the men are affected...
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