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Endometriosis and the Need for a Laparoscopy

What is Endometriosis?

This is a female disorder that is very painful and uncomfortable. The pain can numb all other pains felt in the body and some women live with the pain for years without realizing that they are in trouble. They only know that when their menstrual flow comes every month, the pain that they had pushed to the back of their mind comes back in full force.

What happens is that a tissue called the endometrium normally found inside the uterus grows out-side of it and can lodge somewhere else. But when it is time for the monthly curse, it also fills up with blood, just like when it is inside the uterus. So it thickens, breaks down and bleeds every month. And as this is a tissue not found in its usual or normal place it can be trapped in that area and it can irritate the surrounding tissues. This will make scarring and adhesions possible with other organs and it could cause them to bind together.

Definitely it is painful, sometimes so severe, that it could affect the reproductive capabilities of the woman. Fortunately there are highly effective treatments available today and every day there is new development to improve on the treatments.

created on: 02/11/19


This is a technique in surgery which uses a thin tube which has a light at the one end and it is pushed through a small incision made on the belly. This will make visualization of the internal or-gans of the female body visible. This will make it possible to look for doctors to see if there are any cysts, tumors, adhesions, fibroids or infections inside and if there are, there can be tissue sampling or biopsy samples taken through the tube called the laparoscope.

Why do laparoscopy?

In a lot of cases laparoscopy can take the place of laparotomy surgery which involves a more inva-sive surgical procedure. Laparoscopy is also less stressful for the woman and there are fewer risks involved during and after the procedure. The caveat is that it is also less expensive and can be done as an outpatient where no overnight stay in the hospital is necessary. More info visit about Laparoscopic Surgery

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