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Globalization of Ayurveda


Ayurveda is the ancient most health care system in the world. It has its mention in our age old Vedas, especially Atharva-veda , which has extensive Ayurveda informations. It is the only science which can claim to have retained its currency in the fast changing world. The western world is acknowledging the scientific basis of Ayurveda and endorsing it in their education system. It has now become a growing demand internationally . IT IS DULY RECOGNISED BY WHO, which approves of only that therapy which has solid , scientific evidence with no toxicity and the therapy has NO SIDE EFFCTS.The administration and the people throughout the world are realizing the importance and practical utility of Integrated Medicines and have started advocating its cause more forcefully . There is a growing acceptance of Ayurveda and Integrated medicines in North America and Europe.

According to the Journal of  National Integrated Medical Association ( Jan 2002) , the National Institute of Health ( NIH) in USA has included Ayurveda as an alternative medicine and supports research in Ayurveda with grants . American Association of Ayurveda Medicine ( AAAM) is founded to promote Ayurveda in USA. Journal of  American Medical Association has reported that over one lakh Americans die every year from side-effects of allopathic drugs and many more die due to overdose and abuse of the same. This has made American and European to turn to Ayurveda and Integrated medicine as the natural form of medicine. In a conference jointly held by British Ayurvedic Medical Council and Charitable Health Trust in London( Sept.2001) , many  eminent doctors participated and it was demonstrated that a number of patients with severe and disabling conditions responded to simple , holistic methods of intervention , when expensive Technological solutions  had not only proved to be ineffective but also resulted in iatrogenesis. It was also shown how integrated Medicine emphasizes on ‘ HEALTH AND HEALING’ rather than ‘ DISEASE AND TRETMENT’.

World  famous singer Madonna swears by Ayurveda and wife of former British Prime Minister , Cherie Blair , relies on Ayurvedic herbals. Hungry has declared Ayurveda as its official system of health care . In Germany, Switzerland and Italy , Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine are being practiced for many years. Italy’s Aguana waterworld offers Ayurvedic  treatments like Abhyanga for better preparations of skiing and sportspersons and it has become a great attraction.

Here, in India too, I feel that we should accept the positive aspects of Ayurveda science for betterment of our health. Today as we have lots of options to take care of our health, we should  choose the right pathy at the right time for the best of our health.

Ref. :     www.ayurpride.com


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