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Laser Hair Removal In Delhi

The laser light is a monochromatic energy which is measured in joules and has a particular wavelength which makes it effective for targeting unwanted hair follicle and this energy or light when given for particular milliseconds causes thermolysis of the follicle and retards it’s growth and survival. Most of the LASER HAIR REMOVAL IN DELHI is done by laser hair removal machines which are of different variety and may have different wavelengths energy. Ideally the machine used should gave options for increasing or decreasing the energy delivered along with adjustments in time for which it’s done. We at MEDIMAKEOVERS SKIN LASER CLINIC use a Diode laser which has the inbuilt coolant tip which allows the operator to give optimal energy without affecting the skin. The desired joules of energy are normally increased in subsequent sittings and the DOCTOR FOR LASER HAIR REMOVAL may also at times use ice cooling to enhance cooling and if higher energy is used. Clinically in most of the cases 6-8 sittings are enough for proper laser hair reduction but touch up sessions can be done if needed by the patient. The laser machine should be USFDA approved with proven results and should have a bigger spot size so that more area can be covered in minimal time especially for FULL BODY LASER HAIR REMOVAL, because a smaller spot size means more times the laser shot is to be delivered and makes the patient bear the prick of laser shots. The technique used for LASER HAIR REMOVAL FOR FULL BODY should be virtually painless so that patient has a good overall experience and the results should be long lasting. Vaccum assisted technology used by our LASER HAIR REMOVAL CENTER is virtually painless and handpiece is also 6-7 times bigger then conventional laser hand pieces and thus more area of body can be done in painless method and the RESULTS OF LASER HAIR REMOVAL can be appreciated after 1 sitting only. The patient are advised sittings after 30-45 days and are advised to refrain from bleaching and waxing though trimming or shaving is not a contradiction.

created on: 08/18/18

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