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Spreading Solace to Infertile Women Through Real-Life Stories

According to the latest studies, the act of using donor eggs and embryos in women aged above 40 is increasing than before. Primarily due to the unexpected infertility conditions that manifest themselves annually. Meeting a friend who had a baby out of IVF, the first question was- ”how come your baby’s eyes are extremely different from yours?” 

In a collective manner, she turns to her baby’s eyes and confirms to using donor eggs for pregnancy. Within, there was a river of sadness and it seemed like a bad question at that moment. Women like these simply desire to forget the fact that they used donor eggs for pregnancy. Once that question is asked, you may be piercing a fresh wound.

How it All Starts!

Independence, finding self-worth, and marital issues are common reasons for delayed pregnancies. Currently, the awareness about ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) is also to blame since at least 5% of women in their reproductive age consider IVF as a getaway from unexpected infertility. That isn’t ideally bad, but it all goes down to the drawing line.

On the other hand, seeking IVF treatment in case of infertility is the ultimate solution for pregnancy. IVF has various techniques through which infertility cases are combated and these include

  • Laparoscopic surgeries
  • Fertility drugs
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Donor Eggs/ Donor Sperms/ Donor Embryos
  • Cryopreservation

However, The Hard Facts!

As a woman, you have a biological that ticks every month. The best period to conceive naturally in below 40. Women above limit commonly find it hard to conceive hence turning to IVF. However, IVF also has dictations; “the older you are, the lesser chances you have to conceive easily.”

Ideally, IVF studies indicate that any woman under 39 has a 40% chance of conceiving, those aged above have at least 15 chances and to make matters worse, these chances are reduced to 2 in women above 45.  

In addition, IVF Treatment is one of the costly treatment around the globe. If fortunate enough to conceive within the first treatment cycle, you may have to foot a bill of Rs. 95, 000. In case of assisted procedures like laser hatching, PGD, your treatment cycle may require Rs. 1, 50, 000.

Fortunately, utilizing donor eggs, sperms, or embryos in older women generally reduce IVF cost. But this usually comes as a final resort due to phobia associated with donor treatments.

Coming to Terms with Yourself in Case of Donor Eggs
It is a hard bite to take, and you can simply say it is a daunting step in life since you are puzzled about the genetic connection between you and your baby. However, some studies so far conducted illustrate a genetic connection between the mother and the fetus.

Another fact is you would have escaped adoption or using donor embryos that impose inflicting facts that using only donor eggs.

You only have to reject negative thoughts and focus on the positivity in embracing your own child.

If possible, consider evaluating various possibilities through which you can attain motherhood.

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