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IVF is worldwide popular procedure that has blessed many childless parents. Its popularity has become hope for many other infertility patients but it has also become the reason of increase in the IVF cost worldwide so it has become difficult for patient to choose best IVF center in India even from patient can get best treatment at reasonable cost.

If you seek for the cost comparison worldwide to get treatment at justified cost then this post can be helpful for you as this post will cover one IVF cycle, cost comparison worldwide and cost variation factors.

Average IVF cost in India

Factors that can affect the IVF cost are following

    Initial consultation of IVF doctor can add to cost by 6-10% of basic cost
    Cost of egg collection, embryo transfer, anesthesia cost, cost of ultrasound, scans, and hospital charges.
    28-40% of the basic cost can be cost of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
    20-80% cost can be the cost of hormonal drugs that are used to stimulating ovaries .
    Apart from above factors cost of embryo freezing and donor eggs can also be added to IVF cost if there is need of both. Storage cost of embryo or egg can be 20% of the basic IVF cost
    Regular visits to IVF clinic can also cost 4-5% to the patient
Apart from this the cost of these factors can vary country to country and clinic to clinic depending on the some personal factors of IVF intending parents

Factors like age of women, extent of infertility problem, physical condition of uterus of females can also affect the cost up to some extent

IVF cost variation

As depending upon above factors cost even varies in different states of one country so also in different countries. Cost can be different in different countries depending upon availability of best resources, drugs, doctor’s charges for IVF procedure and consultation.

If we come the IVF cost in the countries like USA, Sweden, Korea, India, Australia then studies have shown that in all countries there can be difference of cost with the ratio of 2-3%. Even the inflation level of particular country can also affect the IVF cost. IVF cost is quite reasonable in India as due to availability of resources and even due to lesser living cost. 


India is counted in the countries that offer best IVF treatment at reasonable cost . Indian surgeons are quite experienced and efficient that they offer best treatment with their best medical practices. This cost in India may vary on the reputation, success ratio and infrastructure of the IVF clinic.

However cost can be detrimental factor for taking IVF but it should not be the prime reason for taking IVF as the results of treatment highly depends on clinic’s reputation and results.

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