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Dr. Jyoti Wadhwa - Head & Neck Medical Oncology Surgeon for Effective Cure of Head & Neck Cancer in India


Sincere greetings to all engaged online readers! Most people suffer from head and neck cancer after crossing their forties. This kind of cancer is also known as thoracic cancer and is successfully being treated by Dr.Jyoti Wadhwa who is a head & neck medical oncology surgeon for effective cure of head & neck cancer in India. This kind of cancer generally arises in the region of the head and neck in human body. The treatment of these cancer tumors in the head and neck region depends on their size and location. These tumors are primarily treated with the help of chemotherapy that is also known as medical oncology. Some surgeons also use post surgical rehabilitation, radiation therapy and surgery to cure thoracic cancer.

The Body

created on: 11/30/17

The medical oncology for head and neck cancer helps patients to get a systematic treatment surgery. This kind of surgery involves giving medications through chemotherapy that give a powerful affect on the human body especially in head and neck regions. It is very different from radiation therapy and classical cancer cure. The systematic cure for thoracic cancer involves target therapy and chemotherapy. These solutions are very often used to cure head and neck cancers that have reached an advanced stage. Cancer medications may be given to patients before or after treatment. They can also be given before or after radiation therapy.

Medical oncology can be taken with a single medication or with a rare combination of more than two medications. In medical language it is known as regimen. It is like a cuisine guide in whom an oncologist chooses favorable medications that would support in cancer cure and can be followed with complete trust during the treatment. This is the main benefit of chemotherapy oncology. You may know that the head and neck in the human body have many areas in which medications give effect in different ways. The cancers in these different areas are treated by using different kind of medications.

The Conclusion

When any local or off shore patients from USA, Europe, East Asia or Nigeria seek a credible neck & throat medical oncologist then the names of surgeons at Medanta hospital at Gurgaon India are provided to them. Dr. Jyoti Wadhwa is being counted well among these qualified medical oncologists who have set an amazing record in curing cancers of head and neck. She is the director head of the department of head & neck thoracic oncology. She has got surgical training at premiere medical institutes in India. She got her training in chemotherapy at the Imperial college school of medicine at London, UK. 

When we talk of medical education of Dr.Jyoti we come to know that she has completed her M.B.B.S from Lady Hardinge medical college New Delhi in the year 1992. She did her DM in medical oncology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi in year 1999. She takes a specialized medical approach for curing neck & head cancers. Very often her treatment procedure is painless because she gives anesthetic to her patients before commencement of surgery. She has worked as a senior consultant in the department of medical oncology for a period of 2011-2012. Her functional department of oncology understands very well that all people around the world cannot afford high price treatment options. Thus they offer low cost solutions to victims of cancer and provide them avon medical ambience facilities.

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