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Dr. Vikas Dua Offers Holist Approach Because Kids Can’t Fight Cancer Alone

Overview :

A bone marrow transplant is a treatment that replaces unhealthy marrow with a healthy one. It’s also called a blood or marrow transplant (BMT). Bone marrow is the soft, fatty tissue inside your bones. The bone marrow produces blood cells. Stem cells are immature cells in the bone marrow that give rise to all of your different blood cells. Doctors use these transplants to treat people with certain diseases, such as Leukemia, Severe blood diseases such as thalassemia, aplastic anemia, and sickle cell anemia, Multiple myeloma, certain immune deficiency diseases. 

Dr. Vikas Dua The Bone Marrow Transplant in India With Most Advanced Technique in India. 

Dr. Vikas Dua the bone marrow specialist in Delhi India is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and novel treatment options for patients with malignant and benign diseases of the blood-building system who require an autologous or allogeneic transplant. Dr. Vikas Dua protocols attention on improving outcome after bone marrow transplantation by using reducing treatment-related complications and reducing disease recurrence after transplant. Dr. Vikas Dua has performed over 700 transplants with an excellent success rate. He offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility is easily the most advanced in the country and he is highly qualified specialists who have worked in some of the best medical centers across the world.

created on: 12/07/17

Dr. Vikas Dua Offers World Class Pediatric Oncology Services And Success Factors For Excellent Outcomes

Dr. Vikas Dua the best pediatric oncologist in India provides a ray of hope to retrieve life. He has a dedicated and state-of-the-art bone marrow transplantation unit at Fortis hospital, Delhi. The unit deals with blood cancers and other blood related diseases. With the advanced technology and specialist in oncology, Dr. Vikas Dua has become a huge name in pediatric oncology at fortis hospital in Delhi for patients with certain cancers or other diseases. People from across the globe choose Dr. Vikas Dua in Delhi for cancer cure as bone marrow specialist in Delhi symbolizes hope that Cancer is Conquerable. He specializes in management of cancers of childhood, adolescent and young adults like leukemias, lymphomas, brain and bone tumors, solid tumors and patients undergoing bone marrow transplant. His expertise also includes management of various forms of anemias, thalassemia, bleeding and clotting disorders.

Dr. Vikas Dua Clears Barriers To Cure For Children With Cancer in India And Strategies to Improve Outcomes

Dr. Vikas Dua treats children with holistic care that includes medical treatment, psycho social support, nutritional support, continuing education, art and play therapy. Children with cancer and their families have special needs that can be best met by Dr. Vikas Dua. Treatment of childhood cancer is coordinated by Dr. Vikas Dua who knows the differences between adult and childhood cancers, as well as the unique needs of children with cancer and their families. Dr. Vikas Dua focuses is on evidence based comprehensive healthcare for all children requiring elective or emergency surgery.

What Makes India Cancer Surgery Services So Special?

  • Quality- is the single important factor that attracts numerous patients. It focuses on an overall experience of the patient. This includes time spent with them with respect, kindness and dignity at all levels. From the first enquiry to the last appointment, all logistics are handled with caution.
  • Consultants & Surgeons -They form the bulwark of professionals at India cancer surgery services. Pediatric oncologist in India affiliated with us has received professional training overseas. They are widely acclaimed for their medical acumen.
  • A Hospitals- India cancer surgery service is associated with special clinics that use cutting edge technology for bone marrow. 
  • Post treatment follow-up – Our team conducts follow-up with patients after they return to their home country. Whether it is tele-session or diagnostic explanation with the health practitioner or provision of medicines from India, all logistics are carried out with precision.
  • Cost factor – We have excellent relations with our partners. The rates for various cancer treatments are highly competitive and cost effective. India cancer surgery services team strives to provide the best possible rates so that patients get ‘value for money’.
  • Committed and Dedicated Team – We believe in providing world class services for risk free cancer surgeries in India. We have a dedicated team of professionals to guide the patient throughout their medical journey. 

Write to us for a free expert opinion and customized cost estimates for specific surgery. Please scan and email your brief medical history and your medical reports to us.

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