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Brachytherapy is a system that entails placing radioactive material inside body. Brachytherapy is one form of radiation remedy that is used to treat cancer. Brachytherapy is sometimes called internal radiation. Brachytherapy allows doctors to deliver higher doses of radiation to more-specific areas of the body, compared with the conventional form of radiation therapy that projects radiation from a machine outside of your body.

How Does Brachytherapy Works in India?



  • LDR Brachytherapy :

    Low dose rate brachytherapy can be thought of as ‘take-away’ radiation. Small radioactive ‘seeds’ are permanently implanted near or in the tumor. These stay permanently in place, releasing small amounts of radiation over several weeks or months. Most commonly this technique is used for treating localized prostate cancers. Men can get back to their usual activities within a day or two of having the ‘seeds’ inserted.


  • HDR Brachytherapy:

    High dose rate brachytherapy is based on similar principles to that of low dose rate brachytherapy but the delivery is a bit different. Firstly, the radioactive sources are removed from the patient at the end of each treatment session. Secondly, the radiation sources deliver a more intense but short-lived dose of radiation during each of several (usually 1–3) sessions. HDR brachytherapy is used for greater excessive-risk however localized prostate cancers and gynaecological cancers, among others.HDR brachytherapy is often given in conjunction with external beam radiation therapy (EBRT).


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Comprehensive Range of Advanced Radiation Oncology Services Offered by Dr. Mathangi J at Global Hospital in Bangalore


Dr. Mathangi J is a radiation oncologist at Global Hospitals, Bangalore. She has gained wide experience having worked in both national and international institutions as a radiation oncologist. Radiotherapist at Global Hospitals, Bengaluru Dr. Mathangi J provides state-of-the-art and quality radiation treatment to her cancer patients. She offers comprehensive treatments including external beam and Brachy therapy. Dr. Mathangi J is highly skilled radiation oncologists, who is educated and trained abroad at leading hospitals and have gained valuable knowledge, skills and experience to deliver clinical outcomes at par with global standards. Dr. Mathangi J best radiation oncologist in Bangalore is sensitive to the needs of her patients and stands with them in every step of the way. She offers patients one of the most modern radiotherapy techniques available in India.

Radiation Therapy For Cancer by Top radiation Oncologist in Bangalore Dr. Mathangi J


Dr. Mathangi J is a forerunner in the field of cancer research and education. With cutting-edge technology and clinical expertise encompassing the full spectrum of oncology services Dr. Mathangi J the top radiotherapist in Bangalore is committed to offering the best services at the most affordable prices. Dr. Mathangi J best radiotherapist in Bengaluru has an experience of more than10 years in the field of radiation oncology. She was a pioneer in bringing the best of new technology to her patients and she started the rapid arc radiotherapy program at Global Hospital in Bangalore, which was the first in India. Dr. Mathangi J top radiation oncologist in Bangalore has a rich experience of using precision radiotherapy techniques such as rapid Arc, IGRT, and IMRT which significantly increase the treatment accuracy while reducing side effects. Consult the radiotherapist via Dr. Mathangi Contact Number +91 9371770341.

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