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Minimally invasive surgical operation is a boon for patients as well as surgeons. It’s also known as endoscopic or key-hole surgical operation. It is a very effective approach for removing some cancerous tumors and lymph nodes – all the while sparing the patient from tissue damage, pain and scarring. In different words, MIS is redefining the surgical technique; in traditional surgical procedure, a doctor needs to make a large incision in order to operate. With MIS, the surgeon makes a few small holes that are usually less than 1/2 an inch. The general practitioner then inserts specifically designed, thin instrument and sophisticated video equipment to carry out the operation via the small opening. 

created on: 01/16/18

High End Oncology and Onco-surgeon by Dr. Jalaj Baxi

We understand, to beat dreadful diseases like cancer require extraordinary expertise and years of experience, Dr. Jalaj Baxi best oncosurgeon in India possesses both. He is providing his service as oncologist from past years. Dr. Jalaj Baxi top oncosurgeon in Fortis hospital Noida is one among those oncologists, where anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and survived will vouch that his doctor is his god. Dr. Jalaj Baxi  best cancer specialist in India is well known for the cancer treatment chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and radiation therapy.  Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer specialist in India is also very careful while calulating the doses to be given to the patient as the doses can have life-threatening side effects. He takes into consideration various aspects of age, gender, height and weight, blood counts, kidney diseases etc. Dr. Jalaj Baxi consultant oncologist in Fortis Noida is recognized around the world as one of the best institutes for cancer treatment. He is known to treat patients with compassion and care. Many international patients visit him for his excellent treatment with a positive outcome.

Cancer Treatment By Top  Cancer Specialists in Noida- Dr. Jalaj Baxi

Dr. Jalaj Baxi is the top oncosurgeon in Fortis hospital Noida who is renowned for onco surgery. With over 21 years of experience in this field, he has been a guide to most of today’s surgeons. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is the country's best-known names in oncology, strives to strengthen the three pillars of excellence in cancer care, research and educational. Dr. Jalaj Baxi best oncologist Fortis Hospital Noida focused to live his dreams whole-heartedly by gifting their life back to cancer patients. His achievements are core inspiration to many doctors, patients and people who know him. His dedication to cure cancer made him top oncologist in Noida. Being a cancer healer Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer specialist in India has faced many challenges in his life and got a breakthrough in the field of oncology.

Dr. Jalaj Baxi Top Oncosurgeon in Fortis hospital Noida pioneer in Cancer 

Dr. Jalaj Baxi top oncosurgeon in Fortis hospital Noida offers medical and surgical treatments for those with different kinds of cancers. He uses the latest technologies for the diagnosis of cancer, and help patients formulate medical and surgical treatment plans. Dr. Jalaj Baxi also offers palliative care at Fortis hospital Noida. Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer surgeon at fortis Noida follows international cancer treatment protocols to offer cost-effective treatments that are holistic in approach. He routinely administers high quality chemotherapy and immunotherapy for different tumours. He focuses on providing full spectrum evidence-based oncology therapeutics to our patients. Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer specialist in India caters to a wide range of patients starting from pediatrics to adolescents, adults & geriatric patients.

Key Benefits of India Cancer Surgery Service

•  Professional clinical opinion from best hospitals in India.

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•  15+ years exposure in the field of handling patients related to medical assistance.

India cancer surgery service is a health assistance company based in India, established to provide the healthcare services to domestic and international individuals, their family as well as their friends who need health help at any healthcare establishments across India. India cancer surgery service is a one stop service offerings are just one of the ways we strive to provide world-class medical care services with best hospitals in India. With various healthcare companions and skilled doctors in distinct cities throughout India are on our panel to serve you, we believe in our ability to put the spring back in your step.

India cancer surgery service is the most preferred medical provider company in India. If you are looking for a one step solution to all your medical concerns, India cancer surgery service is right there to help you. To know more Call +91 9371770341.

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