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Overview : Trubeam Stx Radiosurgery

Trubeam Stx Radiosurgery can be called as an advanced radio-surgery system wherein we see  the Radiation Therapy Doctors in Chennai seamlessly delivering the Intensity Modulated RT, RapidarcTM, Image guided RT, SRS & SBRT in accordance with the inbuilt Onboard Imaging device (OBI). This comes into conjunction with the Real-time Position Management System that helps the Radiation Oncology Team to get the custom made treatment delivery. This is designed to carry out an non-invasive, image-guided radiosurgery procedures with great precision and pinpoint accuracy. Both the surgeon and the patient reap a number of benefits that are hard to find out with other options. Let’s dig in deep about the same as under:

Types Of Cancer We Treat with TrueBeam Stx

There is a wide range of medical conditions of type of cancers that can be cured with this modern non-invasive surgery procedure, which include the following:

Brain Cancer

Lung Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer

Liver Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Spinal Tumours




Many recurrent and inoperable tumours

Vascular Malformations

Besides, we find this surgery also curing a number of other forms of cancer as well, which are seen spreading, yet seems to be confined to one organ that are known as the Oligometasis. And depending upon the kind of cancer and its stage, the surgery can be used for a number of things including the radiation treatment options, which include the number of radiation treatment options. 

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If you are suffering from one of the above cancer and looking for the best trubeam stx radiation therapy doctors In Chennai  then I will suggest you Dr. Mathangi J She is one of the best radiation therapy doctors in India. For Your Query You Can Cpntact At +91 9371770341 Or Email At : 

Trubeam Stx Radiation Therapy Doctors in Chennai

When it comes to the top doctors dealing with this treatment option, there are several, however, the top and the best are the following three:

1).Dr. Mathangi J : The doctor is among the top Radiation Oncologists in India who is known to have a huge experience in dealing with the True Beam STX Machine. She has a good exposure and has worked in top hospitals both in India and abroad working as a Radiation Oncologist. She is currently engaged as a Consultant Radiation Oncologist at the known BGS Global Hospitals, Bangalore. SHe has dealt with Brachytherapy, Preventive Oncology, and Stereotactic Radiotherapy Techniques. She is known to have the huge experience in treating the patients with adaptive Radiotherapy while dealing with the prostate cancers as along with carrying out the marker matched IGRTs.


2).Dr. Bipin Swarn Walia : He is a known doctor and surgeon who deals with a wide range of spinal surgeries along with several other minimally advanced surgeries and procedures including Functional Neurosurgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Stereotactic Neurosurgery, Endoscopic Disc Surgery, Minimal Access Spinal Surgery, Neuro Critical Care, Stroke, Neuronavigation, Spinal Fixation, Spinal instrumentation and similar other procedures. He is currently the head spine surgeon at the Max Hospital in Delhi wile he is highly qualified with degrees like MBBS and MCh along with MS and other fellowships from the top hospitals based in Germany, Australia, and the US. 


3). Dr. Rana Patir : The other popular name in oncology include of Dr. Rana. He has a total experience of 23 years which has made him establish his expertise in this area giving you an edge over his chosen domain. He has done his Master is General Surgery along with Neurosurgery from prestigious institutes in India and then went to have his Fellowship in Neurosurgery from the UK, while he is an eminent Neurosurgeon of India who has more 23 years of experience in the advanced Neurosurgery field. 


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