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How Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni Become the Best Urologist Surgeon in Mumbai India


Urologic oncology is a department of urology that entails the analysis and treatment of cancers of the urinary system and male sexual system. The most common urologic cancers are prostate cancers, bladder cancer, kidney most cancers, and testis cancer. Urologic cancers are diagnosed in about 300,000 Americans each yr. A urologic oncologist or uro-oncologist is a urologist with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancers.

created on: 10/03/18

Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni uro oncologist at Bombay Hospital Mumbai offers comprehensive cancer care

Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni at Bombay Hospital Mumbai lay stress not only on curative but also on preventive aspect of cancer diseases as early detection and timely intervention can change the outcome of these diseases significantly.  He strives not just to make the patient disease free but to have a life wherein the patient is free of the social stigma that they undergo post-surgery. He is working day in and day out to achieve the goals he has set for himself. With robotic surgeries being performed all around the world he is nowhere lagging behind with more than 2500 robotic urology surgeries performed till date at Bombay Hospital Mumbai, and the results are there for everyone to see. He has in depth knowledge of advanced diagnostics and treatment protocols as well as clinical research trials. He not only focuses on the treatment of complex urologic oncology patients but follows patients through their entire journey with cancer. Working together with a patient's cancer care team, he is able to provide patients with a superior continuum of care to deliver the most comprehensive care.

How to consult uro oncologist in Mumbai Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni best uro oncologist in Mumbai

Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni uro oncologist in Mumbai has extensive expertise and is internationally renowned in treating the spectrum of urologic oncology, using cutting-edge techniques such as minimally invasive and robotic surgery and MRI ultrasound fusion guided biopsies.  He practices only urologic oncologist at Bombay Hospital Mumbai.  Committed to offering excellent patient satisfaction, appointments frequently may be made the same day or next day, especially if it is urgent because he always runs on time, there is no double booking and patients have to wait more than 10 minutes for their appointments.  Plus, he insists on having one on one time with each and every one of his patients for an appointment. He also welcomes patients looking for a second opinion at email address:

Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni offers the latest treatment options in the field of urologic oncology in India

Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni best uro oncologist doctor in Mumbai India who is trained at the world-renowned centers. He focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of all urologic cancers including prostate, bladder, and kidney, testicular and penile cancers. He is an experienced urologic surgeon who makes individualized decisions for your type and stage of genitourinary cancer. He welcomes the most difficult cases and complex patients with prostate, testicular, bladder and kidney cancer.   He is committed to helping you choose a treatment approach that offers the best chance of controlling your cancer, preserving function, and reducing the risk of a recurrence. He has a treatment option available for every grade and stage of every type of urologic cancer.

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