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Dr. P Jagannath Expert in Treating Gastro-Intestinal Cancer in India




Gastro-Intestinal (GI) cancers is a term for the group of cancers that have an effect on the digestive machine.  This includes cancers of the oesophagus, gallbladder & biliary tract, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, bowel, and anus.  GI cancers do not discriminate among men and women. Treatment for GI most cancers will depend on the type of cancer, the level or its improvement, and other health factors. Treatment commonly includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

created on: 10/31/18


Dr. P Jagannath Offers Expertise in Treating All Types Of Gastro-Intestinal Cancer in India


Dr. P Jagannath Expert in gastrointestinal oncology at Lilavati hospital Mumbai is highly specialized medical oncologist who treats gastrointestinal malignancies. His mission is to deliver the highest quality patient care by providing the most advanced medical therapies and opportunities to participate in clinical trials, with the goal of improving survival and quality of life. The world-renowned expert at Lilavati Hospital Mumbai India is transforming the way gastrointestinal cancers are prevented, detected, treated and cured. To deliver the most effective gastrointestinal cancer detection and treatment, he is nationally renowned expert identify and understand cancer at the biologic and genetic levels, unlocking the molecular code of a patient’s disease and pinpointing what makes each cancers grow — then discovering what stops it. And this means his collective expertise leads to improved outcomes, faster responses, fewer side effects and more hope for cancer patients.



Dr. P Jagannath Provides a Comprehensive and Caring Approach Tailored in Treating Gastrointestinal Cancers


Gastrointestinal cancers are among of the most tough cancers to treat. With Dr. P Jagannath Expert in gastrointestinal oncology in India who focuses exclusively on these unique malignancies, allowing patients to receive care from the expert in the field.  He is recognized internationally for his commitment to innovation in research and treatment. When physicians refer a patient to Dr. P Jagannath, they are opening the door to cutting-edge therapies, clinical trials and individualized treatment plans. His patients not only have access to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but also to innovative options, such as cryoablation, biological therapies and even supportive care services to help improve their quality of life.


Dr. P Jagannath Changing Outcomes For People With Gastro-Intestinal Cancer in India


Due to Dr. P Jagannath best oncologist at Lilavati hospital Mumbai tireless commitment to bettering diagnostic and treatment options for gastrointestinal cancers, his patient survival rates are routinely better than the national averages – even for late-stage malignancies. This is due in part to the wide range of effective therapies that he offers, as well as his unparalleled expertise in field of oncology. He is among the most knowledgeable in the country he focuses exclusively on gastrointestinal cancers, producing a caliber of treatment that’s virtually unmatched. As one of the leading oncologist in India, he is committed to providing you with the highest quality care by bringing together clinical expertise particular in gastro-intestinal cancer. His expertise is supported by robust research programs offering the latest in innovative treatments and novel clinical trials. And, to ensure that every patient is acquiring the best viable therapies for his or her needs.


Why Choose India Cancer Surgery Service?


India cancer surgery service recognizes that international patients have special needs and requirements. With a purpose to provide a highly specialized service, we provide seamless patient services of world-class quality. Our offerings make sure end-to-end clinical engagement throughout the entire patient journey - starting from prognosis, travel, treatment and follow-up.

 Advantages of choosing India cancer surgery service are:

• Provision for high savings
• Zero waiting lists for critical treatments
• Advanced and high quality treatments
• World-class infrastructure
• Latest technology and quality services
• World-class medical professional
• Highly cooperative customer care
• Affordable travel opportunities


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