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Decoded - Top 7 things to decide your multispeciality hospital

Not all hospitals are the same. Research has shown that in some hospitals, patients get better medical care, experience fewer medical mistakes, and receive more attention for their needs. Yes. While looking for critical care hospitals or multispeciality hospital, the most important thing is to reach the best hospital which is capable of giving us and our loved one the best possible treatment and care. Somewhere in our heart we feel assured that finding a good hospital and experienced and dedicated doctors is half the battle won. Here are a few factors you should be expecting :

1. Doctors


The most important thing we have to think while choosing the best hospital is to check the specialization, qualification and experience of the professional doctors working in those hospitals. It is necessary to go through the doctor’s profiles and reviews before selecting hospitals. If you want to find the best doctors say for “the best pulmonologists in India”, then you can simply look for it with the help of Google Search Engine.


2. Patient Experience


Before choosing any hospitals, you have to check the reviews and rating for the hospitals. Because patient experience is very important for all hospitals. Take the most positive rate and review to choose the best things. This rating will show the quality and experience of the hospital. You can check the rating of a hospital on it’s website itself at the customer feedback section.


3. Nursing staff


Your doctor may see you once or twice a day; nurses, aides, and other hospital staff are caring for you throughout your stay. Hence hospital staff plays a very vital role during your stay. The best multispeciality hospitals offer you with a variety of hospitality services that makes you feel at home and gives you a mental affirmation of being in a state of care and wellness.

4. Hi - Tech Labs and equipments

Best hospitals should have all hi-tech equipment for all the treatment. Every multispeciality hospital has hi-tech labs and equipment for the major critical care treatment.

5. Safety and Infrastructure
Most of the hospitals will have safety and cleanliness. Because as per the government rules, hospitals should have all safety precautions and fire precautions. The infrastructure of the hospital is also a very important thing to see. You wouldn’t want to treat yourself in a hospital that is unhygienic and lacks the newest medical technologies and instruments. Check whether they have multiple emergency units and ICU beds should be taken into consideration.
6. Cost Efficiency
Rising costs for healthcare services in hospitals is the major factor to choose your place of treatment wisely. The best multispeciality hospitals have the payment options through health premium policies, insurances, forex etc.
7. Amenities
If you are patient’s relative then you have to think about amenities to live near hospitals. People should check the amenities like pharmacy, hotels, food, transport and more. Look for residential options and guest houses near the hospitals where you can stay and commute easily. Also check the availability of ATMs and money transfer facilities near the hospitals.

In terms of multispeciality hospitals, that offer world-class healthcare at affordable prices, there are some very respectable options for even the most discerning of patients. Few of them are KRIMS, Care Hospitals, Alexis, Suretech and a few more. KRIMS hospitals is the best hospital in Nagpur rated for their expertise in the department of pulmonology, neurology and orthopedics and they are typically able to deal with supercritical care as well. These hospitals are crackerjacks to deal with the likes of all kinds of surgery as well as being able to support more general medical needs.

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