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Medical Tourism To India From Zimbabwe Witnessing A High Paced Growth

Orthopaedic treatment and surgeries are primarily performed to address correctable problems that affect the skeleton and other part of it like the tendons and the ligaments. Orthopaedic ailments can be from birth or due to injury or ageing related. Worldwide statistics show that Orthopaedic disorders are weighing down the global population. 
There are several types of Orthopaedic disorders affecting different body parts.
Arms, Hands and Wrists
o Dislocated Elbow
o Scaphoid Fractures
o Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
o Thumb Arthritis
o Infectious Arthritis
o Rheumatoid Arthritis
o Knock Knee
o Meniscal Tear
Other conditions like Club Foot, Diabetic Foot, Tendonitis, Spondylolisthesis, Bunion Removal and many other
It may be noted that Orthopaedic conditions need immediate medical attention and shouldn’t be ignored, because the delay caused can lead to a significant amount of damage. 
Joint Treatment in India For Zimbabwe Nationals 
The need for Orthopaedic treatment and surgeries is very high in the developing countries, especially for Zimbabwe patients. A major section of the Zimbabwean population suffers from these Orthopaedic disorders but the appropriate treatment is not available and accessible in Zimbabwe. That’s why the Zimbabwean population is bound to look for better medical options outside their country. This is where India comes into picture. 
created on: 10/30/17
India is a matured country when it comes to offering Orthopaedic treatment. This comes as a relief for the Zimbabwe patients, as there is an array of advanced cure obtainable at the best Joint Replacement hospitals in India. There has been a lot of advancement in the sphere of India Orthopaedics. Much credit goes to the Indian medical researchers, who are doing their best to keep this sphere updated; also, the doctors and surgeons, who are highly skilled and qualified and catering to the Zimbabwe patients with the best of their abilities. They are armed with high success rates and years of expertise and experience.
The Indian Orthopaedic hospitals are totally equipped to handle the most complex Orthopaedic requirement. There is chain of advanced Orthopaedic hospitals providing Joint treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals – Apollo Hospital Delhi, Bombay Hospital, Fortis Hospital Mumbai, Global Hospital Chennai, Asia Columbia Bangalore, Jaslok Hospital, Max Hospital, Artemis Hospital, and Saifee Hospital Mumbai. These hospitals are some of the best in the world and are competent to offer all types of Orthopaedic treatments, thus giving a push to medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe. The progressive techniques used by the India Orthopaedic doctors are very easy to use and can accurately detect the injury or Joint problem. These procedures have led to shorter hospital stays and faster recovery. Some of the most commonly performed Orthopedic procedures are:
ACL – Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction
Total Knee Replacement
Elbow Replacement
Carpal Tunnel Release 
Hand Surgery
Ankle Replacement
Wrist Arthroscopy
Clubfoot Repair
Hip Replacement/Hip Resurfacing 
Shoulder Replacement
Additional treatment options include changes in the diet, medications, steroid injections and physiotherapy. One of the major benefits in availing Joint treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals is that the patients don’t have to go through lengthy waiting periods. They are given immediate Orthopaedic attention with supreme care.
Medical Tourism to India from Zimbabwe
With every passing year, medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe is witnessing a welcome rise owing to many reasons. But surely the main reason that is drawing the attention is the accessibility of cost effective Joint treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals. Indian Orthopaedic hospitals are becoming more and more popular for procedures like Shoulder procedure, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, amongst other procedures. Also, the available treatment options, medicines and other medical resources are very reasonably priced in India. Thus, the Zimbabweans fighting the Orthopaedic related deficits in their country find India very lucrative; as there is state-of-the-art infrastructure, the most modern healthcare facilities, chain of hospitals offering sophisticated Joint treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals, where these patients can really save around 60-90 percent as compared to other leading nations.
Why opt for India Orthopaedic Surgery Services?
India is today one of the most sought after medical tourism hub; well ahead of other nations. The healthcare sector is India is well updated and the services offered are the finest. The hospitals and medical professionals are very reliable as there is no compromise in the quality of services. India Orthopaedic Surgery Services is well aware of the importance of these factors, when it comes to the well being of the Zimbabwe Nationals. Some of our features that place us in an advantageous position:
We help the Zimbabwe Nationals so that they obtain an easy medical visa from Zimbabwe to India 
We guide them so that they opt for the best option for Joint Treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals 
Our services are up-to-date and ensure the comfort of the Zimbabwe Nationals so that medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe is always on the rise 
We look after all the requirements concerning Joint treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals medical 
We arrange for customized treatment options matching the expectations of the Zimbabwe patients 
We maintain complete transparency throughout the treatment process
We ensure that the Zimbabwe nationals find our pricing options the best 
We ensure that the best Orthopaedic doctors look after the Zimbabwe patients, during their treatment
Through our follow up services, the Zimbabwe patients can stay assured even after they are back in their country

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