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Affordable Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India


Today, across the globe, there are countless patients facing knee problems. These people have to go through episodes of extreme pain and discomfort. They have very restricted mobility and can’t even do the simple activities of the regular life, which others can do perform without any problems. There are many modes of treatment like pain relief injections, medications, physiotherapy – available to address these Knee ailments but there are many for whom these methods are not fruitful enough. For such patients, a Knee Replacement surgery might be the apt option. Also referred to as Arthroplasty, during this procedure, an Orthopaedic surgeon replaces the damaged portion of the knee or the complete knee with artificial components that are made up of ceramic, metal or plastic.

created on: 02/21/18

Best surgeons in India

While in India, the Malawi patients can opt for getting treated by the highly experienced Knee surgeons assisted by devoted nursing staff, adequate medical resources and much more. The Indian knee surgeons have been trained at the best institutes of the world and the experience of dealing with the most complex kinds of knee ailments with very high success rates. 

Why us?

As the Malawi patients are coming from a much deprived living background, the services that we offer fulfil all the health related requirements. We proffer services that are at par with the global standards. We have a network comprising of highly reputed chains of hospitals where there are dedicated department for Orthopaedics, which offer Knee Replacement procedure as one of the most efficient solutions. 

Best hospitals in India

What makes India so very appealing and such a sought after medical tourism destination? Surely there are many reasons but one of the key features is the presence of some of the most outstanding hospitals in the world. Indian hospitals are looked upon as some of the best treatment destinations for patients located all over the world. These hospitals are home of the extremely progressive treatment infrastructure, latest techniques, highly trained nursing staff and most importantly massively knowledgeable doctors and surgeons associated with every possible medical speciality. 

Surgery packages for Malawi Patients

Malawi is one of the most underdeveloped countries belonging to the African continent. The major portion of the population of Malawi lives in extremely poor financial circumstances and that is the main reason why the healthcare situation needs refurbishing badly. For these patients, India has become a major source of relief as there is availability of extremely well planned and cost effective treatment and surgery packages for the Malawi patients. More specifically, the affordable Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India is helping those Malawi patients hugely, who are suffering from serious Knee ailments. This procedure is priced only $6,600 in India while in USA it costs $35,000.


If thinking of availing treatment in India, Tour2india4health is the leading medical tourism services provider, who can assist in planning the medical tour for the Malawi patients. We have a wide span of services covering every requirement related to a treatment process.

  1. We have dedicated staff to look after the patients and handle all their queries to clear all the doubts from their minds. We provide them a free second consultation at any of our empanelled hospitals so that they can easily make up their minds when finalizing the hospital. 
  2. With us the Malawi patients can access the budget priced treatment packages; especially we guarantee the most affordable cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India.  
  3. We ensure that the Malawi patients do not have to go through tiring waiting periods so that they get relief at the earliest. 
  4. We even look after their hotel accommodation in India, airport pick up and drop admission formalities at the hospital and much more. 
  5. We ensure a very simple and trouble free medical visa procedure and make sure that it is processed as quickly as possible so that the treatment process can be initiated to avoid further discomfort for the Malawi patients. 
  6. There is provision for language assistance if the Malawians face any issues in this matter. We can organize expert translators to overcome a situation like this. 
  7. We ascertain that the Malawi patients feel totally at home while in India by meeting their diet restrictions or any specific food requirements. 
  8. For any treatment and surgery, the follow up phase is one of the most vital stages. Thus, for faster and complete recovery, our follow up services are there to look after the Malawi patients even when they are back in their own country. 



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