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Arthroscopy in India make Joint Surgeries highly comfortable

Arthroscopy in India

Medical tourism is at its peak and this has benefitted hordes of patients across the globe. This way these medical tourists can gain the advantages of the treatment packages and also the healthcare specialists available in other countries; especially the Arthroscopy in India.

Arthroscopy is a very advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed on a specific joint – the diagnosis and the damage is treated using an instrument known as Arthroscope, which is inserted via very small cuts to access the particular joint. Whether the surgeon uses local or general anaesthesia depends on the joint and the evaluation done by the surgeon. Then the Arthroscope that has a light and a camera lens attached to it is inserted to get a better view of the joint. Once the diagnosis is done, other surgical tools are inserted through other tiny incisions. These instruments are used to cut, join, shave or grape, etc, to be done to the bone. After the issue is corrected, the instruments are taken out and the incisions are closed.

Some of the most commonly found joint conditions with the help of Arthroscopy are:


Acute or chronic injury caused to the shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle, hip or loose bodies of bone or cartilage

Some problems linked with Arthritis also can be cured by combining Arthroscopy and standard form of surgery:

o Rotator Cuff Surgery

o Release of Carpal Tunnel

o Repair of Torn Ligaments 

o Reconstruction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament in Knee

o Repair or resection of torn ligament from shoulder or knee

o Eliminating any loose bone or cartilage in shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist or ankle

What is the recovery time of Arthroscopy Surgery?

Arthroscopy is a highly modernized form of surgery where there are minimum possible incisions done much to the respite of the patients. Owing to this, the healing is faster, much lesser post-operative pain and the patients are back to their routine much faster as compared to the traditional surgery. Further, with progressive types of medication, there are much lowered chances of blood clots. Also, if the instructions of the surgeon are followed devotedly, then surely the recovery period is further reduced. Once the wounds have healed, with the help rehabilitation exercises, the recuperation is safer and rapid. 

Is Arthroscopy Surgery painful?

One of the most crucial advantages of a minimally invasive surgery like Arthroscopy is the low surgical pain. In Arthroscopy, the tiny-sized incisions and the instruments that are inserted being very thin, the pain is much lower. Further, with the help of medication, the pain is even lesser as compared to the more conventional type of joint surgeries. It also depends on the tolerance power of the patient and if he or she has aptly paid heed to the surgeon’s recommendations. 

Top Arthroscopy surgeons in India

Joint treatment being one of the most popular forms of treatment availed around the world; the associated surgeons too are continually updating their knowledge and experience to meet the expectations of the patients as well as to bring out the best possible surgical outcome. One of the most progressive kinds of surgeries that are being performed frequently these days is Arthroscopy in India

Owing to the very patient-friendly benefits, many patients prefer this highly effective procedure. In India too, there are extremely qualified and award-winning Orthopaedic surgeons who are highly proficient in performing this surgery. These surgeons have cured several patients of their painful joint problems taking the success rate of this surgery to an altogether different level. Being associated with some of the best hospitals of India, these Arthroscopy specialists are recognized all over the world.

Minimum Price Arthroscopy Surgery Packages 

Arthroscopy in India being one of the most sought after medical tourism destination, the number of people that India welcomes annually is huge and the number keeps rising continually. This has positioned India as the leader of this industry offering the best quality medical services to patients, not only from developed countries but particularly from underprivileged countries like Nigeria.  

While in India, Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India can aid the patients from Nigeria to connect with the top Arthroscopy surgeons in India. At Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, we have staff to cater to the all kinds of requirements of the patients associated with their treatment or surgery. Most importantly, Nigeria being a severely underprivileged nation, we understand the importance of cost effective treatment packages for these patients. We ascertain that the Nigeria patients can comfortably access the most affordably prices packages for Arthroscopy in India.

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