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Dr. SKS Marya is Leading Orthopedic Surgeon in India


Orthopedic surgical operation is a treatment accomplished on the musculoskeletal system in case of injuries or numerous conditions. The musculoskeletal system includes the bones, the joints, and the subsequent adjacent soft tissues: muscular tissues (which defend and allow motion of bones and joints), ligaments (which connect the bones) and tendons (which join the muscles to bones). Most people of orthopedic surgical procedures are carried out on the ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder and spine. These interventions may be performed historically, by using open surgical procedure, or arthroscopically, the use of an arthroscope.

Why choose Dr. SKS Marya best orthopaedic surgeon in India?

created on: 11/10/18

  • Dr. Marya is experienced, board-certified, fellowship-trained joint surgeon highly capable of caring for patients with handling the most complex hip and knee replacement cases.
  • Dr. SKS Marya expert joint replacement surgeon in Gurgaon provides state-of-the-art care for all conditions of the hip and knee at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon India.
  • His multidisciplinary approach to treatment provides patients with comprehensive care and patient-centric plans curated for effective and optimal outcomes. 
  • He has been awarded an advanced certification in total hip and knee replacement surgery from The Joint Commission.
  • When patients do not need require surgical intervention, he works closely with physiatrists and therapists to come up with optimal treatment plans.

Dr. SKS Marya providing the joy of movement by expertise, technology, innovation and care in orthopedics

As a leading surgeon for orthopaedic care and a key player in the world-renowned Dr. SKS Marya is one of the best and most sophisticated in the nation, he provides a full spectrum of treatment specialties. He is highly skilled caregiver use the latest techniques and equipment to improve your movement and ability to participate in activities you enjoy. He provides care from evaluation, management, through to surgery and rehabilitation to help you return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. He as best orthopaedic surgeon in India provides nationally ranked, comprehensive medical and surgical care of the musculoskeletal system for both adults and children.

Dr. SKS Marya is a leading orthopedic surgeon in India

There have been a number of advances in total knee replacement surgical procedure through the years. Dr. SKS Marya expert joint replacement surgeon in Gurgaon utilizes the latest technology with a proven accelerated rehabilitation program in order to achieve optimal results and a more rapid recovery. He is one of the most recognized orthopedic surgeons in India. He has a longstanding reputation by providing patient-centered, efficient, and effective medical care while teaching the fundamentals of orthopaedic medicine to the future leaders and health care providers in his field. Every year he offers surgery to many patients from all over the world travel for high quality and affordable knee joint replacement surgeries. He offers the most affordable orthopedics surgery when compared to the countries like the US and the UK.

Benefits of choosing Joint replacement surgery service India?

Joint replacement surgery service India has evolved as a crucial hub for medical and special health care vacations for international patients visiting India during the treatment stage, Joint replacement surgery service India provides complete management, monitoring and coordination of orthopedics treatment so that the treatment remains on the right track. We coordinate care for medical procedures, suggest treatment options and monitors ongoing medical treatment. When we attain more than one evaluation on your case, we also get information at the expenses estimates from selected multiple hospitals and doctors in which each case is referred for opinion. We create a competitive environment for hospitals, which allows hospitals to provide best possible cost. Joint replacement surgery service India is deeply involved in your case and acts like a family away from home. With the aid of being with the patient all along the treatment procedure, offering hand maintaining aid and assisting and safeguarding the patients, results in a strong bond between the patient and us which is considered like a family away from home.


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