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Who is responsible for your failed IVF cycle?

The time period after a failed IVF is very stressful and not easy to cope with. However, the fact is that IVF doesn't have a 100% success rate; it becomes hard for the patient going through this time period. This failure buries your dreams as you were not ready or say not prepared to expect the failure and take you in a different state. A state where your minds start finding reasons to blame someone. After finding yourself in the first position, the IVF doctor comes at the second place to blame for.

Within no time, the IVF doctor takes the first position in this blame game. And yes there is a solid reason as to why this happens. At the time of the first consultation, most of the IVF doctors in India are always in a way to impress the patient to get the procedure done at their clinic rather than going anywhere. This leads to some false promises and even some fake success reports. This scene really becomes worse when test failure happens and the patients go in a disturbing and emotionally upset mode.

Well, we cannot blame the doctors as they always try to do their best in increasing your success rate in IVF test.

Now what matters here most is the reason as to why this failure happened? What are all the possible reasons for this failed IVF?

Where was the mistake done? If you try to find out answers to above questions, you will have a much better chance of getting a success rate in your next IVF test. After all, blaming anyone and being depressed for long won't change the previous results.

Sit with your doctor and ask him each and every detail and try to overcome those mistakes that were done in the previous tests.

Remember, it is very important for you to get the medical reports including photos of your embryos. This will give you an idea and put you on a right track in taking further decisions.

Don't just close your eyes and fall into any doctor’s prey. You have to do your homework; you have to do researches beforehand. The more astound knowledge you gain about the procedures and infertility treatments in Delhi, the more will be the chances to get positive results in your second IVF test.


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