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Fall back pregnant after a C-section: When does fertility return?

You have given birth to your child by C-section and are already thinking about your next pregnancy. But before you embark on this new adventure, you ask yourself a number of questions. Do you have to give birth again by c-section? How many months is it advisable to wait before falling pregnant again? According to the best IVF doctors in India, after a cesarean birth, fertility can return at the end of the first month. It will return more quickly if the mother has been treated to prevent a milk rise.

How long to wait before trying to have another child after c-section?
As suggested by some of the best IVF centres in Delhi, it is recommended to wait 12 to 18 months minimum after a c-section before restarting a pregnancy. This will ensure that your uterus is well healed and reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and subsequent delivery.
A first cesarean does not necessarily mean having to have another for the following deliveries. Precautions and close supervision of the work will, however, be put in place. On the other hand, after two Caesareans, a cesarean section will become mandatory for subsequent births.
If the pelvis is too narrow, it is unlikely to escape a c-section for subsequent pregnancies. On the other hand, if the baby is well placed, if the pregnancy is going well and if the baby does not weigh more than 3.8 kg, a second cesarean section is not a necessity.
C-section, often presented as a simple, quick and easy way to give birth to a child, can actually have both short and long-term consequences for both mother and baby.
  1. Risk of surgical site infection
  2. Risks of adhesions
  3. Fewer children thereafter
  4. Increased risk of cesarean section in later pregnancies
  5. Increased risk of in-utero death in subsequent pregnancies
After a c- section, it is recommended to wait one month before restarting sexual activity. The c-section, however, does not prevent future pregnancies. Although according to the IVF clinic in Delhi, it is advisable to wait a year between c- section and conception of a new pregnancy.

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