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MedMonks is a medical tourism company in India that helps you plan your medical travel trip. The company is managed by a group of doctors who understand your medical treatment needs and accordingly design a personalized health tourism package for you.

Patients from around the world can seek consultation from top doctors in India through MedMonks. The company assists patients looking for kidney transplantation, dentistry procedure, infertility treatment, and heart surgery in India find a reliable and affordable treatment package.

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There is no doubt that giving birth to a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. While the happiness that the mother feels when she holds her baby cannot be compared with anything else, there is one thing that bothers her from within – post pregnancy body.   Women go through drastic changes during and after pregnancy. Some mothers gain a huge amount of weight, which is obviously not that easy...
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Heart replacement surgery in India is a type of an open heart surgery in which patient’s heart with severely damaged muscles or valves is replaced with a donor’s heart. The donor’s heart is usually retrieved from a recently deceased individual. Heart replacement surgery in India is conducted on patients with severely damaged heart and those who suffer from heart failure due to serious conditions such as cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, and congenital heart valve disease....
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