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The Skin Specialist Explains the Acne Battles

Approximately 85% of the adolescents and young adults have to deal with acne problems in their lives before they clock 45. Acne is the commonest skin condition that many face during their lifetime. It must be noted that the extent of acne breakouts differs, most commonly due to genetics. There are some acne victims who will have to deal with major acne breakouts during or after pregnancy, whereas others will have to deal with it right from puberty.

On the other hand, some may never get acne or have it once (minor) after several years. Acne Vulgaris is one of the commonest type of acne that attacks females and males. According to research, millions meet dermatologists to prevent or treat acne, whereas thousands will make dermatologist visits and others using different cosmetic products to prevent, treat, or calm acne affected skins.

There are various common myths associated with Acne regarding causes and treatment approaches, but the truth is that these myths are literally believed scientifically. Some include;

That poor hygiene may cause acne

Could be unbelievable, but a majority of people in slums rarely deals with acne or they deal with it just like other high income earners. Biologically, acne is triggered due to blocked pores on the skin and any method of unclogging the pores can reduce acne attacks

Using toothpaste, lime, and lemon juice can treat acne

Personally, I have applied toothpaste on my acne and it has helped to a smaller extent, but that doesn’t prevent or effectively treat acne. One fact, with the use of these is increased scarring and not careful, skin damage, says the best dermatologist in Phagwara.

What are the best ways of dealing with acne or prevent scarring
Monitor your Acne breakouts

Try to know the period in which the acne gets severe and detect the potential cause. Hormonal changes, stress, processed fats, and depression are the most causes of acne. While others will get acne during or days to their menstrual periods, others will face the threat one month to another.
Plan a dermatologist visit

Once that acne gets out of hand or uncontrollable, just head to a dermatologist to detect the cause and determine the best treatment for the acne. Don not wait until the acne has formed severe scarring and inflammation because it has psychological impacts 


Do not stick to processed and roadside foods since they may contain too much oil in them. Take in a lot of fruits, Zinc, Omega 3 oils, nicotinamide, and water and try to correct your hormones through the right ways. That is by;
Avoiding plastics in your kitchen
Exercise regularly
Having green plants around your home

Exfoliate your face

Scrubs and face wash can provide immediate solutions to acne before you visit the best dermatologist in Punjab. Exfoliating the skin will remove dead cells/skin, reduce acne scars and improve your facial appearance.
Retinol skin products are good at unclogging pores, reducing the formation of blackheads and as well as whiteheads. In case of inflammation or scarring, they will help a lot

Do not squeeze or scratch acne
Just let it be since these habits will only worsen it and increase scarring. Washing the face thrice a day with a face wash can reduce acne breakouts.

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