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Dr Gurinder Bedi Ranked #1 in India for Knee Arthroscopy


Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that can analyze and treat issues in the knee joint. During the procedure, your surgeon will make a very small incision and insert a tiny camera — called an arthroscope — into your knee. This enables them to see within the joint on a screen. The surgeon can then investigate a problem with the knee and, if necessary, correct the issue using small instruments within the arthroscope.

What are the Advantages of Knee Arthroscopy in India?

Although arthroscopic surgery has received a lot of public attention because it is used to treat well-known athletes, it is an extremely valuable tool for all orthopaedic patients and is generally easier on the patient than "open" surgery. Most patients have their arthroscopic surgery as outpatients and are home several hours after the surgery.

What Happens During a Knee Arthroscopy in India?

Your doctor will give you an anesthetic before your knee arthroscopy. This may be:

  • Local (numbs your knee only)
  • Regional (numbs you from the waist down)
  • General (puts you completely to sleep)

If you’re awake, you may be able to watch the procedure on a monitor. The surgeon will begin by making a few small incisions, or cuts, in your knee. Sterile salt water, or saline, will then draw in to extend your knee. This makes it simpler for the specialist to see inside the joint. The arthroscope enters one of the cuts and the surgeon will look around in your joint using the attached camera. At the point when the specialist finds the issue in your knee, they may then insert little tool into the incision to rectify the issue. When the surgeon locates the problem in your knee, they may then insert small tools into the incisions to correct the issue. After the surgery, the surgeon drains the saline from your joint and closes your cuts with stitches.

created on: 09/21/17

Dr Gurinder Bedi Best Orthopedic Surgeon at Fortis Hospital Delhi, India

Dr Gurinder Bedi has been in Fortis Hospital for more than 5 yrs. He carries with him his tremendous information and experience gathered over the past 20 yrs. He presently works with his colleagues in the FORTIS Centre for Advanced Orthopedics to provide the most comprehensive and complete care in all Orthopaedic Sub specialties in our city.  He runs a busy practice in the hospital along with his colleagues and is consistently rated with very high patient satisfaction score. His main practice in our hospital has been Joint replacement especially Knee and Hip, Arthroscopy and Sports injury and Foot problems besides managing Spinal problems. In his practice special focus in Knee replacement surgery, remains on pain management and reduction of blood loss in all surgeries. He is regularly doing minimal incision surgery along with computer navigated surgery and patient specific knee replacement. Dr. Gurinder Bedi appointment number +91-9325887033

Dr. Gurinder Bedi a Leading Name in Orthopedic Care in India

Dr. Gurinder Bedi best orthopedic specialist in Delhi, India. An acclaimed name in his field, Dr. Gurinder Bedi in Vasant Kunj Sector-B, Delhi is one of the most distinguished and recognized practitioners in the orthopedics discipline of medicine. He is also actively engaged in training & education of young orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Bedi is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic & innovative surgeons in the city. Dr. Gurinder Bedi is known to study the case carefully and take into account even the minutest detail followed by offering the apt course of treatment for best results. Patients from India as well as other parts of the world can get in touch with the doctor by contacting at Email ID: drgurinderbedi@tour2india4health.com

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