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Orchiopexy by Dr. Vikram Sharma Renowned Urology Specialists Leading the Way in Healthcare

Orchiopexy by Dr. Vikram Sharma Renowned Urology Specialists Leading the Way in Healthcare


Orchiopexy or orchidopexy is a surgery to move an undescended testicle into the scrotum. It is usually performed on babies who are 9 to 15 months old. Orchiopexy may also be done on older boys and, rarely, on teens and adult men who have undescended testicles.


How is the Testicle Fixation (Orchiopexy) surgical procedure performed in India?

- Once anesthesia is given; a little cut is made in the scrotum or groin region

- If the testicle is located further up, the incision may be extended to the lower abdomen. The nerves and blood vessels are carefully preserved

- If the testicle has not descended from the midriff, the specialist reaches the inguinal canal with unique instruments and tenderly pulls it down

- The testicle, its blood supply and nerves, are pulled to the bottom of the scrotum and sewn in place

- The skin is then shut with sutures that can be absorbed  by the body

- For testicle torsion, the spermatic cord twisted around the testicle is slowly untangled and kept in place


What is the Prognosis after the Surgery in India?

The result of this procedure is generally great; the testicle is moved into put without any complications. However, the rate of success depends on the position of the testicle before descending.


 The best technology with the best personal treatment by Dr Vikram Sharma:

Dr. Vikram Sharma is a Consultant Urologist. Dr has Sixteen years clinical experience. All endourology, open procedures of urology are done. Presently director- urology Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon offers treatment for urological problems be it reconstructive procedures in children or adults with genitourinary problems. A number of urological patients from all over the world approach to Dr. Vikram Sharma. Dr. Vikram Sharma Treats children with urologic issues in India, each year he perform more than 2,000 surgeries and treat almost children some of whom travel to India from around the world.


Dr. Vikram Sharma India’s leader in diagnosis and treatment for urologic disorders

Dr. Vikram Sharma is consistently ranked as one of the top surgeon in the nation. A patient of Dr. Vikram Sharma shares his experience of about treatment in India,  “We would like to thank Dr. Vikram Sharma and all his wonderful team for all their loving care and support. You made us feel so at home. Every step of the way from corresponding with Dr. Vikram Sharma to the time when the surgery was performed seemed effortless, smooth running and very efficient. Dr. Vikram Sharma is not only an extremely experienced and knowledgeable doctor, but warm, encouraging, attentive and so approachable. A wonderful experience and excellent service throughout. Very impressive indeed!”


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