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Medical Treatment in India for Tanzania Nationals – chosen by Tanzanians without any doubts


It is very difficult for a country’s inhabitants to deal with shortages in the healthcare system. On top of it, if it is a developing country like Tanzania, the situation is all the more complex. Tanzania faces grave shortage of qualified medical practitioners due to major amount of neglect and underfunding. It is reported that in key areas of specialization, there are hardly any specialists. Also, there is speedy migration of many healthcare professionals, who shift looking for better opportunities. Further, the people of Tanzania suffer from lack of guidance and thus is underreporting as well. Because of all this, Tanzania has fallen behind many countries. 

created on: 02/07/18

Therefore, the Tanzania patients have to look for the better cure in other countries, particularly India, which has the capability to meet the requirements of the ailing population of Tanzania. 

Best Hospital and Surgeons

The Indian hospitals are internationally accredited and highly reputed for providing the best quality services to worldwide patients. These hospitals have outstanding healthcare amenities, highly knowledgeable doctors specializing in every field of healthcare. The paramedic staff is also very well learned and acquainted with handling the latest equipment and they look after the Tanzania patients with superlative care. Thus, medical treatment in India for Tanzania Nationals has been made a highly rewarding experience by these centers of excellence. India is home to some of the most recognized Cancer, Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement, Cardiac, Spine and Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Transplant Hospitals and hospitals for every existing health condition. 

What make these hospitals the best venues to avail treatment are the doctors and surgeons working here. More and more Tanzania Nationals are visiting India to get cured by these most experienced doctors and surgeons. These doctors and surgeons have been trained at some of the best institutes around the world. With their vast know-how, these surgeons are extremely competent and meticulous while dealing the patients.

Immediate Visa Assistance

Not getting the timely medical visa or going through lengthy waiting periods for the same can be a major hindrance before the treatment gets started. In order to help the Tanzania patients in this matter, Tour2india4health has devoted and round the clock staff to provide timely and complete support. Our staff ascertains that our Tanzania patients receive the medical visa to India on time so that there is no delay in their required treatment.

Medical Treatment in India for Tanzania Nationals

Today, there are many reports with statistics to show and prove that India is a much famed and respected healthcare tourism hotspot. Not only from developed countries but a major chunk of medical tourists come from the developing countries like Tanzania. For Tanzania, India serves as a major source of hope and respite. We, at Tour2india4health, ensure that these services available in India can be effortlessly obtained by these patients. We plan their medical tour in such a way that these patients go home totally cured and with a smile on their faces.

Excellent Packages for Tanzania Patients

One of the most significant features that place India is higher position than many other leading countries is affordability. This feature sets India apart because despite the rising healthcare expenditure around the world, availing healthcare services in India is still extremely economical. There are major cost differences that the patients from Tanzania can enjoy during their medical tour in India. There are excellent packages for each and every medical speciality. For example, the Knee Replacement surgery price is $6,600 in India whereas in USA it is $35,000, the Spinal Fusion procedure cost is about $10,300 in India while in USA it is as high as $1,10,000. Bariatric surgery like Sleeve Gastrectomy is priced at $6,180 in India whereas in USA it costs about $24,000. These cost differences have made medical treatment in India for Tanzania Nationals highly worthwhile.


India has very swiftly climbed the ladder of popularity in the medical tourism industry. It is very easy for the Tanzania patients to choose India as their final treatment destination owing to the outstanding attributes related to healthcare that India makes easily viable for the Tanzania Nationals to access.


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