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Know everything about Orthopedic Surgery India

created on: 03/08/18


Orthopedic ailments are extremely rampant today and thus the number of patients availing Orthopedic treatment and procedures is very high. With every passing year, India is becoming more and more advanced and a highly sought after destination for availing various kinds of Orthopedic surgeries. There is accessibility of the best-in-class Orthopedic infrastructure and technology that is used during the treatment and this infrastructure is undeniably at par with that in USA or UK. Further, India offers comprehensive range of Orthopedic cure options, along with individualized attention and supreme patient care. 

Not only this, the Orthopedic specialists are renowned all over the world for their proficiency and knowledge. These experts have the breadth of knowledge with which they can cure every possible Orthopedic ailment. They have attained knowledge and experience of several years and have come across the most complex kind of disorder related to bone and muscles. With high success rate and continual innovation happening in this field, Orthopedic surgery India is looked upon as the best, soothingly pocket friendly beyond patients’ expectations. 


Benefits of Orthopedic surgery

There are several benefits that Orthopedic procedures encapsulate that are beneficial for every patient:

If given timely attention, Orthopedic procedures can cure even the most difficult disorder

There are minimally invasive approaches available that ensure less amount of blood loss, less scarring and faster recovery

These surgeries help the patients in getting back to their routine life at the earliest

These surgeries are especially helpful for those, who are in the sports field as there is immense pressure on them for getting back on the field at the earliest

Long lasting relief from long and persistent pain 

Free from such ailments that limit the patients from performing their daily chores

If availed in India, these procedures are extremely affordable 


Orthopedic Procedures

There is a wide range of Orthopedic procedures available for the patients. Below mentioned are some of them:


Joint Replacement (Hip, Knee, Shoulder, etc.)

Fusion of Bones


Soft Tissue Repair

Revision Joint Surgery

Bone Fracture Repair


Carpal Tunnel Release

Ulnar Nerve Transposition

Rotator Cuff Repair

Knee Meniscus Repair

Paediatric Orthopedics

Skull Reconstruction


How much can a Hip Replacement Surgery cost in India?

The Indian hospitals make it possible for the medical tourists to enjoy low cost Orthopedic surgery India. While in India, these hospitals help these patients by offering Orthopedic treatment packages that are totally within the budget of these patients. More specifically, the Hip Replacement procedure being a highly effective surgery, it is one of the most needed surgeries for patients across the world. But in the matter price, there are hardly any other countries that offer this surgery at the cost effective price than India. The Hip Replacement procedure is priced at $7,200 in India while in USA it is $40,364.



Tour2india4health is at the top when it comes to providing the finest kinds of medical tourism services at surprisingly cost effective prices in India.

Tour2india4health group helps with planning your Orthopedic surgery India at the best way possible with services like:

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We have a very strong network of hospitals that have highly established hospitals with dedicated Orthopedic departments

We have devoted staff to take care of all your treatment related queries and requirements 

Very low cost Orthopedic surgery India is easily possible with us

We handle all the coordination with the concerned doctors 

Once you get in touch with us, we plan the rest while you can relax

We keep your family updated about your treatment and progress 

We offer a free second opinion so that there are no doubts in your minds 

We arrange your flights, hotel accommodation, medical visa, etc. for you and your companion

We can even arrange for a post treatment vacation at the most exotic places in India

• You won’t have to go through lengthy waiting periods 

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