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How to save money on Hip Surgery: Hip Replacement Surgery India

created on: 03/13/18

Why Hip Replacement abroad?

In the matter of treatment, countries like USA, UK, New Zealand and many such leading countries have very advanced treatment options. Such progressive countries are at the forefront when it comes to providing extremely matured treatment and diagnostic techniques. The hospitals in these countries are highly advanced and can fulfil the most urgent medical attention needed for any Orthopaedic ailment; especially for Hip Replacement. 

Also, these hospitals are extremely cautious about the hygiene and safety protocols so there are very low chances of complications. Further, the Orthopaedic specialists are very learned and have been using the latest surgical tools for many years and thus have attained vast experience in handling the most extreme kind of Orthopaedic disorder or a traumatic Orthopaedic injury. Thus, all these reasons help several patients in deciding to get to get a Hip Replacement surgery done in any of these countries.

Why Hip Replacement in India?

Despite of all the above mentioned facilities and conveniences, why is it that when compared to these leading nations, India is placed in a much advantageous position? The primary and most crucial reason behind the success of India is the affordability. Developed countries like USA, UK and others do have the most modern treatment facilities but these facilities are not cost effective, which is the main feature that these medical tourists look for. 

But in this matter, India has proven to be the most cost effective treatment destination; especially Hip Replacement surgery India is very suitable for the budget of these medical tourists. For example, the Hip Replacement surgery cost in India is $7,200 while the same procedure costs as high as $40,364. Also, the Hip Resurfacing surgery costs $9,700 in India whereas in USA it costs $28,000. Thus, along with all the major benefits that are at par with international standards, India offers these best-in-class services at very reasonable prices. So why choose any other country and not India?

What Hip Replacement procedures are available in India?

Total Hip Replacement: Hip replacement is a procedure where the hip joint is removed and replaced by a prosthetic implant that is known as a hip prosthesis.

Anterior and Posterior approach Hip Replacement: In Hip Replacement surgery, the hip can be accessed via the back of the hip that is the posterior approach, the side of the hip is the lateral or anterolateral approach, and the front approach is referred to as the anterior approach. 

Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing: In this, there is no removal of the femoral head but it is only trimmed and capped with a metal casing. The affected bone and cartilage in the socket is taken out and replaced with a metal shell, similar to the Total Hip Replacement procedure.

Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement: In the traditional approach to Total Hip Replacement, a single and long incision is made to access the hip joint. But in the minimally invasive version of this approach, only one or two smaller incisions are used. The goal is minimal pain and speedy recovery. 

How to get Hip replacement with Medical Tourism? 

With the advent of medical tourism, it has become highly feasible for patients located at different corners of the world to choose and avail Hip Replacement surgery. When finalizing India as the treatment destination, Tour2india4health can be of immense amount of assistance so that the medical tourists can enjoy the best of amenities available in India. With Tour2india4health, you can avail benefits like:

Once you get in touch with us, we help you in planning their medical tour for Hip Replacement surgery India

We help you obtain your medical visa to India

Arranging yours and your companion’s hotel accommodation, flights, and other logistics support

We help in gaining all the Hip Replacement surgery benefits India

Our language translation services support you in overcoming language hindrances

We ensure that you get access to low cost Hip Replacement surgery India

Our follow up services are there to guarantee your complete recovery

We also have services to club your medical tour with a vacation to some of the best tourists locations on India

To get the fast track services for Hip replacement surgery India call on: +91-9325887033 OR mail there queries on: enquiry@tour2india4health.com

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