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Lack of Healthcare Facilities make Ethiopians bound to avail Medical Visa to India from Ethiopia


The African continent is the least developed continents across the globe and therefore the countries that are parts of this continent too are major sufferers; particularly in the matter of healthcare. To be more specific, the country of Ethiopia is unfortunately possessed by a handicapped medical sector. This country has been suffering from widespread and critical shortages in the healthcare system – malfunctioning of the existing health centers, lack of apt doctors and surgeons, absence of latest medicines, equipment and much more. All of this together has left this country much behind than other countries in the matter of healthcare services.

created on: 03/13/18

Hence, it becomes very essential and a desperate situation for the Ethiopia patients to go outside their country and find another country who can meet their requirements. 

Associations with Best Hospitals in India 

Thanks to the matured healthcare system of India, India has placed herself in a much respected position. Thus, in order to find the right cure, the Ethiopia patients try to connect with the Indian hospitals. 

Tour2india4health has a very strong and established association with the best hospitals of India and therefore we can plan the best kind of treatment for our patients. Our plethora of services include planning the whole medical tour for the Ethiopia patients and their treatment at the best Indian hospitals, where they can find the best cure and at the best prices. 

Surgery performed by Best Surgeons

The surgeons of India are blessed with the perfect set of abilities to handle each and every surgery with utmost ease making the Ethiopia patients feel extremely comfortable. Having attained many educational qualifications and experience of working at the top hospitals of India as well as on international platforms, the Ethiopia patients find these experts the best for their health. These surgeons are highly adept in procedures related to every medical speciality like Cardiology, Neuro and Spine, Transplant procedures, Orthopaedics, etc. 

At Tour2india4health, we have such highly knowledgeable experts empanelled with us, and we ensure that our patients are in the best hands and we assist you for getting medical visa to India from Ethiopia.

Medical Visa to India from Ethiopia

India is connected very well with even the remotest corner of the world. So it is very convenient for the patients located at the far corners across the globe to visit India and avail the best treatment facilities offered. All that the patients need is the medical visa and with this process being very easy, these patients feel very relieved. 

The only hindrance can be the time needed to get the visa. In this matter, Tour2india4health is there to help such patients to the medical visa to India on time. The earlier these patients get the visa, the less they have to suffer from the pain and discomfort that come with the disease that they are suffering from. Thus, for the patients from Ethiopia, getting the medical visa to India from Ethiopia is a very hassle free process with us. Tour2india4health has dedicated staff to assist these patients with every kind of queries related to medical visa. 

Packages offered by us

We understand the importance of cost effective packages for the patients coming from underprivileged nations like Ethiopia. We try our best to customize the packages offered by to suit the financial convenience of the Ethiopia patients. We endorse on the factor of affordability so that even the most expensive treatment or surgery can be availed by patients from every corner of the world; more specifically, the patients of Ethiopia because they come from a country with a very poorly developed healthcare system and also because these patients cannot afford the hefty costs of these packages offered by other leading countries.


The patients of Ethiopia are not at all satisfied with the restricted supply of healthcare amenities offered in their country. But when they choose India, they are well aware that all their health requirements are going to be fulfilled in this country. Moreover, when they come across India’s continually rising fame as a medical tourism hub, they are completely sure by availing medical visa to India from Ethiopia, they are taking a very appropriate decision.


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