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Get Best Hospitals in India for Ethiopian Patients


We best look after our inner beauty; as we all know that being healthy is most important. In the similar way it is very important to have good appearance too; not for others but to please ourselves. Now, how to make myself look good? The best way to recreate your appearance is to go in for cosmetic surgery in India. We have some best hospitals and clinics that provide best cosmetic surgery. Every type of cosmetic surgery is available in India; it is the best chance for Ethiopia patients as we have Best Hospitals in India for Ethiopian Patients. These hospitals are updated with all the latest technique and provide cosmetic surgeries at affordable cost.


created on: 04/11/18


Best Hospitals in India for Ethiopia Patients:

India is one of the best places to have your cosmetic surgery done. One can find some of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics that provide the best cosmetic treatments at affordable cost. Every procedure whether major or minor both are treated under the best professional hands. Even if you visit a small clinic just for a check up; you will find all the equipment and instruments that can make a cosmetic procedure easy. This is why many international patients prefer cosmetic hospitals in India for their cosmetic procedures.Tour2india4health consultants have direct contacts with some of the best cosmetic hospitals and clinics that are updated with all the latest technique and equipment. These consultants will help you to directly coordinate with these best hospitals and also with surgeons who are well trained and professional. They will make your plan easy for your cosmetic surgery in India.  

Types Of cosmetic surgery:

There are many different types of cosmetic surgery procedures; every procedure is performed at affordable cost in India. Some of the procedures are mentioned below:

-Breast Surgery: In a breast enhancement following procedures are done. 

Augmentation; This procedure is done to increase the size of the breast.

Lift; This procedure is done to up lift the breast. 

Reduction; This is done to reduce the size of  breast. 

Facial Contouring: In a facial contouring below given procedures are performed. 

-Rhinoplasty; it is a nose job which is done in two ways open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. 

Chin, or Cheek Enhancement; It is done to improve its appearance.

Facial Rejuvenation: In a facial rejuvenation the below given procedures are done.

Facelift; This procedure will hide or remove all the extra saggy skin of the face. 

Eyelid Lift; This will lift the eyelid if it is sagging. 

Neck Lift; this also removes the extra skin in the neck.

Brow Lift; it lifts the brow.

-Body Contouring: In a body contouring following procedures are done.

Tummy Tuck; this is done after obesity surgery to tighten the skin of the stomach. 

Liposuction; this procedure removes the extra fats from the body.

Gynecomastia Treatment; Men with gynecomastia which is abnormal growth of breast can also be treated in some of the top cosmetic surgery hospitals in India.

Affordable Cost of cosmetic surgery in India:

One can get affordable cost for all the above mentioned cosmetic surgeries in India. These procedures can be performed under the supervision of best professional surgeons. The low cost does not affects the quality of the treatment; one can have satisfactory results by having cosmetic surgery in India. 

Ethiopia to India Medical Travel: 

Tour2india4health consultants make your travel from Ethiopia to India easy. They are like a bridge between Ethiopia to India and help all the Ethiopian patients to directly approach the top cosmetic surgeons in India. These surgeons are well trained professionals and have more than 20 years of experience in this field. If you plan your medical tour to India with the help of tour2india4health consultants; you need not to worry about anything. Only fill the free enquiry form online and rest will be taken care by the consultants. They will be available for you throughout your medical tour to India.


To Know More:

E-mail Enquiry : enquiry@tour2india4health.com

International Caller : +91-9325887033 


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