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ACL Reconstruction Surgery India Is A Standalone Option Addressing All Your Medical Needs With Competence And Affordability

What Is ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

Before we talk about the ACL reconstruction surgery cost India, we need to know the overview about the surgery. Well, ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which happens to be strong band of tissues that tend to connect to the thigh bone or femur over the tibia or lower leg bone that tend to pass over the knee joint diagonally deep inside. This is there in the body to give stability to the knee, which helps in controlling and thus making it to and fro along with giving the side by side motion at the knee joint.  ACL reconstruction surgery India deals with fixing this ligament due to some medical condition or injury.

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What Are The Causes That Can Be Injured ACL?

The ACL tear is often the indication that you need the ACL reconstruction surgery India, which could occur both due to the non contact or non-contact mechanism. Some of the other key causes to this surgery include the following:

  1. Contact Mechanism
  2. Playing with foot planted over the ground and then getting the hit or blow over the lateral side of the knee is also one of the cause of the surgery
  3. Falling down on an extended knee
  4. Improper landing of your feet after jumping from extreme heights
  5. The Noncontact Mechanism
  6. Sudden twist or the changing directions that are seen quickly over the foot planted on ground
  7. Your sudden stoppage using your feet that is being overextended or slightly bent
  8. Missing up a step while climbing or descending staircase

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What Is ACL Reconstruction Surgery Procedure?

Talking about the procedure of ACL reconstruction surgery India, it is done under general anesthesia. The doctor chooses the graft and then harvest the same from either patella/ hamstrings tendon with the help of a small size 4 cm incision over shin bone’s top edge or over the back of the knee. This is then followed with the help of the preparation of the graft that tend to resize it appropriately with the help of implantation. Then the arthroscopic evaluation is carried out with the help of making 2-3 small incisions around the knee. With the complete evaluation, the doctor inserts the arthroscopic and then removes the damaged ACL with the help of a graft. He then with the special instruments drills the two bone tunnels (one in femur and the other in tibia) along with introducing the graft over knee with the same tunnels along with securing both the ends with the help of bio-absorbable screws.

How Much Does ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost In India

If you talk about the ACL reconstruction surgery cost India, it comes out to be very much affordable. It is very much affordable when compared the cost of the developed nations including US and UK. The ACL reconstruction surgery India can cost you around 3000 USD, while the same surgery in the US can cost you 15-20,000 USD.

Who Are Famous Sport Injury Famous Surgeons for ACL Reconstruction in India?

If you talk about the famous surgeons dealing with sports injuries for the ACL reconstruction surgery India, then there are many, however, some of these include

  • Dr. Pankaj Bajaj
  • Dr. Sunil Tuli
  • Dr. Sankalp Bali
  • Dr. Gautam Dhir
  • Dr. Nishant Palo
  • Dr. Jayant Gupta
  • Dr. Ajay Mittal
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Aggarwal
  • Dr. CM Jain
  • Dr. Devashish

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