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Best Urology Surgery In India Drawing The Attention Of Numerous Medical Tourists

What is Urology Surgery?

With every passing year, the field of Urology is getting much more advanced with more and more progressive surgical approaches coming up – Robotic Urology, Laparoscopic approaches, and more. Most patients and doctors are finding these approaches highly advantageous owing to the extremely patient-friendly benefits that these approaches bring along – tiny and minimum number of incisions, less blood loss, quick recovery, etc. With these approaches enhancing this specialty majorly, the success rate of the surgeries and treatment has gone up rapidly.

created on: 08/11/18

The medical professional or Urologists also required a lot of knowledge of Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, and some other specialties to deal the wide span of disorders that they have to deal with. Some of the Urology surgeries that are performed, are:

  • Cystoscopy
  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Nephrostomy
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Urethroplasty
  • Total Cystectomy
  • Lithotripsy

What Are The Success Rate Of Urology Surgery India?

When availing treatment in a different country other than your own, the success rates of the specific procedure matters a lot. Similarly, when planning Urology surgery in India, patients from other countries do want to know about the success rates of the various Urology procedures. Much to the satisfaction of these patients, the success rates are very commendable here; all merit goes to the skills of the Urology experts and the hospitals with the most modern equipment. The success rate of each and every Urology procedure in India is more than 80 percent and this is major push to the confidence of the medical tourists.

Success Story Of Nigeria Patients Done Successfully Urology Surgery In India

With numerous success stories to India’s credit, one of them is Mr. Roger, who visited India all the way from Nigeria to get a Prostate Cancer Surgery done in India.

“I tried to find the right cure in other countries. Although they were available, but I was not comfortable with the costs. But when I researched about India, I not only found the right cure, but also at the right price and apt guidance from the leading medical tourism planner of India, Tour2india4health. I even read several patient testimonials, where the patients had written about their positive medical tour experience with this organization.

I immediately got in touch with this group and sent across a query. The response was really quick and the whole treatment plan was excellently planned by the group’s representatives. I found the cost of Urology Surgery in India extremely comfortable for my pockets. With Tour2india4health, I didn’t have to worry about any aspect of my medical tour and I could get my whole treatment done at one of the top hospitals of India and they made sure that I recovered completely. For me, getting Urology surgery in India with Tour2india4health has been one of the best decisions of my life.”

What Is Cost Of Urology Surgery At Best Hospitals In India?

Urology conditions can be cause extreme amount of discomfort and this makes it very difficult for the patients. Hence it becomes essential that they reach the treatment at the earliest. But there are many countries across the globe, where advanced Urology procedures are not available; like for example in African countries like Nigeria. Patients from such countries are unable to afford the high-priced treatment and Urology surgeries in other countries like UK or USA.

But, Urology Surgery cost in India is very comfortably priced much to the relief of these patients. For example, the Radical Prostatectomy is priced at $25,000 in USA, $20,000 in UK while in India, it costs only $6,500 in India. Similarly, the Lithotripsy procedure costs $5,500 in USA, $4,500 in UK whereas only $1,400 in India. Such huge cost differences are attracting a lot of attention from many international patients when it comes to Urology Surgery in India.

Get Best Urology Surgery Packages In India Via Tour2India4Health Consultants

We are a highly established medical tourism planner that has the best hospitals and doctors of India as a part of our network. Apart from these, we have a huge bunch of facilities to make your process of Urology surgery in India, an extremely fruitful experience.

  1. We can arrange your Urology procedure at the top hospitals of India having the most cutting-edge surgical infrastructure
  2. The top Urology specialists are associated with us and thus we can plan your treatment with them
  3. The cost of Urology Surgery in India is extremely reasonable with us
  4. We understand that health is a very sensitive issue and arrange everything accordingly
  5. You don’t have to worry about the medical visa, accommodation, local travelling, airport pick up and drop
  6. We even look after your food related requirements
  7. Our representative is always there by your side to look after your requirements
  8. We follow up till you are back on your feet
  9. In order to make it an extremely memorable experience, we can also combine your medical tour with a vacation to some of the best places of India

Get Free Opinion, Quote, Medical Visa Invitation and Assistance at Every Step of Your Treatment in India. You can send medical report at : enquiry@tour2india4health.com or You can call us : +919325887033.

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