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Iraqi Patient’s Outpatient Scoliosis Spine Surgery at Ahmedabad India

My name is Mr. Mohammed Rasool. I am from Iraq. Last month I was in India for my mother’s Scoliosis Spine Surgery at Ahmedabad. It was a great experience getting her treatment in Ahmedabad. I came through Tour2India4Health Group, through my internet search. I remember how my mother was troubled by her back pains. We saw the local doctor in Baghdad, Iraq, discussed my mother’s problem, conducted a through checkup, he suggested my mother to have her Scoliosis Spine Surgery. I tried at my hometown to get a right place for her treatment, however, was appalled not to find any single suitable place of my choice. Hence had no other option but to browse the internet for a solution. My internet search led me to a medical consultant called Tour2India4Health. I went through its website, checked the testimonials of people who had their Scoliosis Spine Surgery in India. I then decided to mail them and discuss my mother’s problem, this led a call the same afternoon from them.

The executive explained couple of options of having Scoliosis Spine Surgery in India, in cities including Ahmedabad and Chennai, he explained me its procedure, which seemed too easy, and I immediately gave my consent. Soon I along with my mother left for her Scoliosis Spine Surgery in Ahmedabad-India. In India; we met the spine surgeon who was supposed to perform the Scoliosis Spine Surgery in Ahmedabad-India. The surgeon during my mother’s Scoliosis Spine Surgery in Ahmedabad made an incision in the middle of the back. The muscles were moved to the side to expose the spine, and the joints between the vertebrae were removed to loosen them. The vertebrae are roughened up so that the body responds by producing new bone. The new bone eventually bridged the gaps between the vertebrae and makes them fuse together. Metal implants — rods, screws, hooks or wires — were put in to hold the spine still while the vertebrae fuse. The entire Scoliosis Spine surgery in Ahmedabad went smooth and took five hours to complete.

After the Scoliosis Spine surgery in Ahmedabad-India, the physical therapist evaluated her posture, muscle strength and flexibility and gave her a home exercise program which was designed specifically for her. This program helped to stretch and strengthen her muscles so she is more comfortable in her brace. And the surgeon suggested to visit the local therapist on a regular basis, while gave her a long list of instructions to follow with few medicine for a while. Our experience in India was very good. I am pleased with its outcome. I will certainly recommend anyone for the Scoliosis Spine surgery in Ahmedabad-India. Lastly, I would like to extend my words of gratitude to executives of Tour2India4Health and the surgeon who performed my mother’s Scoliosis Spine surgery in Ahmedabad-India. May God bless them all!

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