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Cost Variations for Hip & Knee Replacement Surgeries in India & Africa

Joint replacement surgery (knee and hip replacement) is removing a distorted joint and replacing it with a new one. A joint is where there are two or more bones in unison, like the knee, hip, elbow and shoulder. These operations are done by orthopaedic surgeons. Once in a while, surgeons will not remove the entire joint but will fix or replace only the damaged parts. Doctors usually recommend joint replacement to improve the painful condition of the patient. Replacing a joint can give relief from pain and help patients move and feel better. Knees and hips are replaced most often. Further joints that can be replaced or fixed include the shoulders, elbows, fingers and ankles.


Knee Replacement Surgery in India  

Knee replacement surgery in India is a well-liked surgery meant to relieve people from critical knee joint pain,taking place either due to arthritis or other joint problems. Advanced medical science technology is now able to provide highly functional artificial knee replacement implants that almost copy the natural movement of knees. With 90% and above success rates, this surgery has profited millions of patients around the world. India is alone witnessing over 15% rise every year in knee replacement surgeries with the availability of advanced technology and highly experienced orthopedic surgeons in the country.


Hip Replacement Surgery in India 

Hip replacement surgery can give relief from deformity, acute pain or disability caused due to any of the reason like osteoarthritis, accident or childhood bone disease, etc. It is usually proposed when no other treatments can give the patient relief from hip joint pain and discomfort. In case your orthopedic surgeon has finally advised hip replacement surgery, it is the time to know how this surgery is going to change the patients’ life for good. Hip replacement surgery in India is a blessing for the lives of many people around the world who were facing severe pain in their hip joints and weren’t able to perform even simple everyday activities. With the success of medical science and technology, implant materials have also gone superior and increased the long life of hip replacement surgeries. Also, recently advanced surgical techniques have greatly lowered risks of such operations. So, if the doctor has suggested a hip replacement, there is no need to worry. This procedure is having success rates of 95% and above ten years after the operation, and over 85% for 20 years post operation. Over 98% patients have reported complete relief from hip pain and didn’t need any revision surgery later after the initial operation.


Cost Comparisons between India & Other Countries

Three clear reasons make India the most favored and preferred location for orthopedic surgery treatment—India’s medical expertise, state of the art technology on par with the best in the world, and incredibly low cost & effective healthcare. Healthcare costs are rising & patients in countries like the United States, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Japan, Europe, the UK, Australia and Africa, etc. are looking overseas for orthopedic procedures. Orthopedic treatments in India's top-end, state of the art healthcare facilities are affordable & provide best healthcare for orthopaedic problems at just a small fraction of the cost whih is available elsewhere. India is emerging as the most economical healthcare destination with plenty of medical healthcare cost savings on orthopedic treatments, especially for the international patient.

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