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We are a network of surgeons, experts & hospitals in the field of spine and neuro surgeries in India. Our services are geared towards international patients. If you need medical care for neurological, spinal and orthopedic condition, you need to look no further. Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India will take care of you.

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Overview: The spine is a complex structure, balancing flexibility and strength. Even the smallest change inside the structure of the backbone can cause tremendous disability and pain. Usually, back pain is dealt with simple medicines or exercises. It's only most effective whilst all this fails and quality of lifestyles is severely affected that the medical doctors endorse spine surgical operation to treat severe and prolonged lower back ache situation.    Dr. S. Karunakaran provides innovative...
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DBS is the most common surgical remedy for Parkinson’s however it is not for anybody. It is usually done in people who have had Parkinson's for at least four years and still get a benefit from medication but have motor complications, such as significant "off" time and/or dyskinesia. DBS generally works exceptional to lessen motor symptoms like stiffness, slowness and tremor. It would not work as well for imbalance, freezing while walking or non-motor signs...
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