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Fortis Hospital in India becomes Destination for International patients seeking Spine and Neuro Surgery

Why is India a favorite destination for spinal surgeries?

Medical research, education and technology in India are quite advanced. In the area of spine and neuro surgery, India has excellent medical service facilities and the doctors use the most advanced techniques in invasive surgeries and micro-surgical treatments, however, there are specialized neurosurgeons that perform these surgeries. Neuro surgeons in India have been educated at the premier institutes in India; following their education, they underwent specialized training in well known institutes around the world. 

Why choose Fortis Hospital India

In India, the life expectancy at birth has risen in the last decade; thanks to improved quality of health care. This has lead to a booming rise in neurological disorders related to aging. Fortis Hospital of Mumbai in India have better access to Diagnostic and Therapeutic facilities for any age group due to our better understanding of the subject of neurosciences. The dedicated team of Neuro-physicians and Neuro-surgeons are constantly trying to provide updated medical services in the field of Neuroscience. At Fortis Hospital India, there are is a network of surgeons, leading experts and hospitals in this field. Fortis Hospital India has support helpline centers in 25 cities of India and the surgery team travels to 15 different cities of India. Their board-certified spine & neuro surgeons offer the latest minimally invasive spine treatments of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine as well as conditions of the brain and peripheral nerves. The minimally-invasive approach they use can results in: smaller openings/scars, shorter recovery times, less postoperative pain and shorter hospital stays. Many patients are home the same day or within 24 hours after minimally invasive spine procedures. Medical companies across the United States have chosen Fortis Hospital in India.


Affordable Spine and Neuro Surgery offered by Fortis Hospital in Mumbai


created on: 07/19/17

Neuro and spine surgery in India is easily available at low costs by Fortis Hospital Mumbai and their panel of experienced doctors who offer the best services for patients from across the world. All the advanced surgeries, technologies and medical treatments are available in India. Of late, the Global patients from countries like Middle East, Africa and even Europe are looking out for options abroad to fix a number of spinal and neurological issues. The basic reason is the sky rocketing cost of healthcare solutions found in developed nations like the US or UK and other western nations. They soon discovered India to be the most affordable and competitive destination for spine and neuro surgery options apart from a slew of other ailments found in India. The high success rate in spine surgeries in India is often attributed to the presence of high end hospitals in India that cater high quality healthcare solutions along with the most affordable options hard to find in developed nations. These hospitals can be found in all most all the bigger cities. Hence in the recent past few years the domain of Indian medical tourism is on a constant rise and would keep on increasing for the above discussed reasons.  A spine fusion surgery tagged at over $45,000 in the US can be had for as low as 20% of that price at a Fortis Hospital in Mumbai in India. Other benefits of seeking spine treatment India include immediate access to care. This is especially beneficial for those in Canada and the UK who have to wait excessively before they can get the treatment they need. High quality of care is assured by Fortis Hospital in India. 


India offers low cost neuro and spine surgery which is a prominent factor that attracts a large number of patients from across the world. All the advanced surgeries, technologies and medical treatments are available in India.

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