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Herniated disk treatment in India- a Viable Option by Dr. Arvind Kulkarni


A herniated disk is a disk that ruptures. This can cause sciatica or back pain. Also known as a slipped disc or ruptured disc, a herniated disc develops when one of the cushion-like pads between the vertebrae moves out of position and presses on adjacent nerves. In most cases, a herniated disc in the lower back will heal within six months, as the size of herniation shrinks with time via resorption. Surgery may be needed if medication, physical therapy and other treatments fail.  A herniation occurs when the outer part of the disc, the annulus, becomes weak and tears. Several factors can contribute to disc-weakening, including Aging and degeneration, Excessive weight, a sudden strain from improper lifting or from twisting violently.

Causes of a herniated disc:

A single excessive strain or injury may cause a herniated disc. However, disc material degenerates naturally as one ages, and the ligaments that hold it in place begin to weaken. 

Treatment for herniated disc 

Some people find that ice packs or moist heat applied to the affected area provides some symptomatic relief of the pain and muscle spasms in the back. 

  • Medicine — Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) help to relieve pain, inflammation, and stiffness, allowing for increased mobility and exercise.

  • Common over-the-counter NSAIDs include aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin®, Advil® and naproxen (Naprosyn®, Aleve®). You may take medicines with food to avoid stomach irritation.

  • Physical therapy — The goal of physical therapy is to improve core strength, flexibility and endurance to enable you to engage in your normal activities.The exercise program often includes stretching exercises to improve flexibility of tight muscles and aerobic exercise — such as walking or using a stationary bike — to build endurance and improve circulation.Other exercises might help to strengthen the muscles of your back, abdomen, and legs.

  • Spinal injections — an injection of a cortisone-like medicine into the lower back might help reduce swelling and inflammation of the nerve roots, allowing for increased mobility. These injections are referred to as epidurals or nerve blocks.

  • Surgery — Surgery might be needed for people who do not respond to conservative treatment, whose symptoms get progressively worse, or who experience progressive neurologic decline. 

  • Microdiscectomy — Microdiscectomy is a procedure used to remove fragments of a herniated disc, often using an operating microscope.

  • Laminectomy — The part of the bone that curves around and covers the spinal cord (lamina) and the tissue that is causing pressure on the nerve or spinal cord are removed. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The hospital stay is one to two days. Complete recovery takes about six weeks.

created on: 11/14/17

Herniated disk treatment by Dr Arvind Kulkarni

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni named as one of the top 10 spine surgeons in India. He’s also the official neurosurgeon for Bombay Hospital in India and research expertise is in simple and complex spine surgery. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni he works very closely with other specialists in a team effort to achieve the best outcome for his patients. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni is a best in class herniated disc diagnosis & treatment specialist surgeon (disc herniation of the back and neck) located in India. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni’s clinical interest focuses on simple and complex spine surgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery, and computer-assisted spinal navigation surgery. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni’s practice emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to disease processes and he works very closely with other specialists such as neurologists, pain specialists, and physical therapists. He has been repeatedly named to the lists of India's Top Surgeons

 Dr. Arvind Kulkarni personally discusses the risks and benefits of herniated disc surgery with you and the likely results of surgical versus non-surgical treatment.

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